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How to Create and Use Customer Feedback Loop?

Customer feedback loop is the best way to help you know your customers better and ensurethat your goods and services are surpassing their anticipation.
According to a research by 'Bain & Company', "80% of organizations state that they’re customer centered, however just 8% of customers agreed."
Just think about your customers for one second, do you believe they would concur that you are a customer centeredorganization? If so, are you sure?
This is significant because according to a research by 'Monetate', "80% of customers will purchase from a brand again if the customer experience is excellent, but 90% of them would move to the competition if the customer experience wasn’t pleasing. And almost everyone agreed that the online user experience manipulates their choiceofpurchase."
What is "Customer Feedback Loop"?
A feedback loop is a technique that you utilize to collect feedback, understandthe feedback and performmodifications to your goods and services according to the feedback.
The key purpose is to boost up your offers in the customer's eyes. For instance, at BrandBerry Marcom, we utilize feedback loops to lead our product and to guaranteethat our servicesareexceeding customer anticipation.
Feedback loops grant your customers with amazing opportunities to notify you "how you’re doing". By proposingvarious feedback loops, you are always readyto listen what a customer wants to say.
Types of Customer Feedback Loop’s
There are three types of customer feedback loop’s that you can utilize.
1. Survey Feedback Loop
Surveys are the most frequent way to gather feedback from the customers.
A. Transactional Surveys
Transactional surveys are collectedwhen a customer has bought your product.
B. Cyclic Surveys
Cyclic surveys collect feedback as one, rather than when a particular transaction is done.
C. Website and In-App Surveys
These surveys can be utilized to collect feedback while your customers are connecting with you through your app or your website.
D. NPS Surveys
Net promoter score surveys mainly focus on asking, “How likely are you to recommend our brand?” The net promoter score guesses the chances of a customer repurchasing your product or referring your brand to their family and friends.
2. Self-Service Feedback Loop
Self-service feedback is collected via feedback forms, reviews and community forums. This kind of feedbacks are highly passive.
A. Reviews
Customers love giving reviews– both positive as well as negative. Reviews are significant parts of feedback that would help channel your decisions in the right direction.
B. Feedback Forms
Every business should include a feedback form. Feedback forms must be very straightforward. Just ask for the contact details you require and then left a large comment section for your customers to write their feedback.
C. Community Forums
A community forum offers a platform to allow your customers provide feedback in an open environment which is also accessible by other customers.
3. Personalized Feedback Loops
The last feedback loop you can utilize is the simplest. Personalized feedback loops comprise personalized emails, friendly calls and customer meetings.

A. Personal Emails
Gathering customer feedback is very easy. Sending a personal email to observe how your customer is utilizing your goods and service is the best way to acquire feedback.
B. Friendly Calls
These friendly calls provide you the opportunity to ensurethat your customer is still pleased with your goods and service.
C. Client Meetings
Managing correlations and enhancing customer experience becomes very easy when you throw away the technology and have a discussion face-to-face.
Use Feedback Loop to Better Understand Your Customers
Growing a business depends on maintaining customer happiness. The most successful organizations in the world have "customer feedback loop "build into their business architecture to guarantee they offer themselves every possible opportunity to pay attention to the customers and better understand them to create improvedproducts and services.


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