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What Are The Top Myths About List Building?

To succeed in the online business you must be proactive in email marketing or lists building because it is the key to search for your targeted customers. It not only effect on conversion rates, but it also reflects on ROI. That’s the reason many entrepreneurs are active in building lists.

While in the process of building lists, many have come across with the misconceptions about the lists buildings. Here we shall have a look on few unproved myths that are blindly believed by most of the entrepreneurs.

1. Lists Size Matters While Expecting The Results

This is one of the common myths about the email lists building. The lists with huge subscribers will give the best results or small lists will not generate any leads. But this is absolutely false, no matter whether you are having 5 or 5000 subscribers if they are engaged with your service then your lists can reap big rewards.

2. No Longer Effective Strategy

Email Marketing and lists building strategy are strongly interconnected to each other. Still many people are in misconception that lists building are no longer an effective strategy. But as per the research, more than 60% of entrepreneurs in the world rated lists building is one of the best online marketing strategy. It gives an effective result by sending mails to the people who have already engaged with your service.

3. It Will Always Costs More Money

Many business owners believed that lists building always cost more money. This is absolutely false. If you are not paying money to generate traffic to your webpage, then obviously it will cost in terms of time and money. Even though there are paid versions to generate traffic for instant results, but once stop paying for it, then it will also get stop. So go for the organic methods which will give the steady stream results once the momentum starts.

4. Conversion Rate is only 1- 3%

This is one of the false myths most commonly everyone believed that no matter what you do to your lists, it will only generate 1- 3% of conversion rates. But it actually depends on how you engage with your subscribers. If you build a high quality lists then easily you can target more subscribers and convert at a way more than 20 – 30% of conversion rates.

5. Get more profit in the lists

Don’t you think this is really a wrong myth? Yes!! Everyone thought that money is in the lists. But the real fact is money is in the relationship with the lists. When you build a lists it doesn’t requires shooting mail randomly to your subscribers, you need to build a loyal relationship with your subscribers. And constantly provide them valuable info about your products or service. Indirectly this may generate more profits from the lists.


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