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Best Things to Know About Smoking Pipes

Pipe smoking is a favorite pastime of many people around the world. It is not only relaxing but it is has a bit of a mystique associated with it. The origins of pipe smoking go back to the earliest civilizations such as the Egyptians, who actually place pipes and tobacco leaves with mummies to take with them to the underworld. In addition Mesoamerican civilizations and North America participated in pipe smoking.

Surprisingly, smoking pipe has made its way to Norway and Norwegian history reveals that herbs are smoked in a pipe. In the middle age, when tobacco had managed to finagle their way to Europe, the smoking pipes have become increasingly common. Despite attempts to ban, people are still able to smoke a pipe in the comfort of their home. It was not until the 30 years war that pipe smoking really gain recognition and momentum throughout Europe. However, in this period various government entities successfully established severe penalties, including death for smoke a pipe. The death penalty for smoking a pipe was applied in Russia, Turkey and China.

When members of the royal families across the world realized the pleasure gained from smoking pipes, the death penalties and various punishments disappeared. Penalties and punishments for smoking pipes were replaced by taxes imposed on lower classes for tobacco consumption. By the early 1800s, pipe smoking was revered as a fashionable practice in European countries. No longer associated with savagery, smoking pipes was something that upper echelon classes did during their leisure time. During the 1840s, French companies quickly manufactured a longer pipe called the briar pipe. It was during this time that the briar pipe gained notoriety and popularity around the world.

In the 20th century, the leisure classes resumed pipe smoking as something that had the aura of wealth. The manufacture of pipes was elevated during this period. With much of the leisure class smoking, it was not uncommon for pipes to be made of precious materials such as gold, silver or ivory.

More often than not, pipes were personalized with an emblem or family insignia as well. By the 1920s longer and bigger pipes were used to smoke tobacco. Now seen as a mark from antiquity these larger pipes are quickly being restored by pipe and tobacco aficionados worldwide. There are many places online that cater to the restoration of antique pipes. The legacy left by smoking pipes is one that is rich and crosses cultural boundaries.

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