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How Customer Communication Has Evolved And You Must Too!

In the era of instant messengers, customers today don’t prefer to wait for an email response or make repeated phone calls to sort issues or gather further information.

In this connected era for customers, such channels as instant, multi-channel, media rich are becoming the primary mode of communication and they feel most at ease using them. It is thus natural for them to expect companies to offer service to them as well in these channels.

Responding to this, businesses today are adopting the new channels for customer service such as Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook messenger service, and WeChat, etc. to keep in sync with changing customer needs. These channels enable fast interaction and they are also more efficient since it allows the customer service representatives to offer personalized service and handle more customers.

Given this trend, automotive dealers CANNOT afford to depend on methods of communication they have been using so far to connect with customers. With the vast array of technological advancements introduced in the recent past, dealers have the option to deliver enriched face-to-face interaction via online channels, combining convenience and efficiency.

Don’t Lose Touch with Connected Customers

Real-time engagement platforms are powerful solutions that can be leveraged by companies to offer quality customer support. The platform is based on cutting edge WebRTC technology that is a secure and simple solution not requiring complicated software installations or licenses. Browser-based and cost-effective, this platform offers multi-faced tools like cobrowser, live chat, video chat, content sharing which enable online businesses to provide omni-channel augmented support.

The following 5 key features of the platform highlight the power of the platform:

1. Intuitive web-based support: The real-time engagement software is embedded into the website and does not need any special systems. The platform enables the company to offer the entire range- audio, textual, video and multi-channel support, allowing customers to pick the one most convenient to them
Instant Online Chats for quick responses: Impatient customers of today want instant gratification requiring companies to respond promptly, else facing the customers abandoning the site. With live chat service, customers can receive fast information from a live person and in the manner that they prefer.

2. Co-browsing that provides personalized support: With a cobrowsing software, customer support executives can personally provide guidance across the different website segments such as product portfolio or vehicle in-site inventory. Agents can highlight, annotate and point out critical information that might have been missed otherwise.

3. Video Chats for in-depth discussion and issue resolution: The live video chat plugin is a unique feature that brings visual engagement to online interactions. Customers can initiate face-to-face chats where they can describe their requirements and have full-fledged discussions with agents.

4. Fast exchange of documents and information via document sharing tool: Using an email program to share documents while having discussions via phone or web is passť. With the content sharing features, heavy documents such as brochures, images and technical specs can be transferred in the middle of a webchat session without any waiting.

5. Context aware Solutions: Nothing is more frustrating to customers than having to explaining their requirements or issue to agents through long back-and-forth conversations via phone or email. A Cobrowser instantly reveals the actual situation faced by the customer to the customer representative, enabling speedy grasp of the customer’s requirement.

6. Multi-Channel Support: Engage the power of the visual medium while providing audio customer support. Augmented support provided by phone with a customized co-browsing session – the agent will be able to guide both on the phone as well as offer on-screen assistance , simultaneously.

7. No Security Worries: Security is an important consideration for customers in online dealings. The virtual engagement software offers the highest security and provides privacy by automatically concealing private information like credit card numbers or account numbers.

8. With virtual engagement platform, auto dealerships can engage the customer via channels that most preferred by them ensuring a positive experience, resulting in multiple business benefits:

High customer satisfaction as customers receive support as per their convenience
Faster sales closure with agents having the tools to provide the support needed instantly.
Lower operational costs as the platform doesn’t need special software and has lower per agent costs

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