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How Gorilla Glass Protects Your Cell Phone? Here Are Its Different Versions.

Protecting your smart phone from scratches after your new purchase is always a matter of concern. Who would like to see marks and scratches on their costly cell phone when they drop it accidently? At least, no me! Corning Gorilla Glass protectors are always the most reliable when it comes to saving your phone from unwanted marks and scratches. This toughened; hard with high scratch resistance ability glass is always the top most choice of the buyers around the globe when it comes to screen protection. The Gorilla Glass is harder than the metal used to make keys and coins and if put together with these items, the glass would not get marks. Here is some interesting information about its different types and their functions.

1. Corning Gorilla Glass 4:

Withstood the drops twice as much as any other protector, this type is the most innovative and tough when put to force on jagged streets, parking lots and pavements; saving your phone from major breaks and marks.

2. Corning Gorilla Glass SR plus:

This type has combined the remarkable qualities of toughness, resistance, clarity and sensitivity making it able to withstand as much as 70% of the force if compared to any other type. Most importantly, it has a lasting durability and that enable to make it easier for the user when it comes to optical clarity and readability in a lot of light especially when worn over wearable products like watches.

3. Corning Gorilla Glass 5:

This was introduced with the improved qualities of withstanding high drops as much as that of the shoulder height and as improved as 4 time’s better resistance to the impact and force. The qualities are incorporated so that there is no compromise on the high resolution functioning and the touch sensitive nature of the device.

4. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 With Native Damage Resistance:

Tougher and more resistant with additional chemical strengthening that enables it to perform effectively as compared to the other types. The additional feather to this sort of glass is its innovative and unique quality of withstanding the deeper scratches that might lead to the glass being broken if protected by other types of protectors, this kind of the shielding effect will make sure the safety.

5. Corning Gorilla Glass NBT:

Most suitable for touch notebook displays to provide better resistance in swiping, cleaning and tapping, this sort is best suited for providing protections against bumps and accidental scratches made while surfing through the product in constant use.

6. Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass:

This type enables the smart phones, tablets or notebooks to have a vibrant color display with better image quality and high resolution.

7. Large Cover Covering Gorilla Glass:

Best suited for large coverings, this type helps the user to make sure an impressive display of images with no compromise on quality and ease.

8. Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass:

One of its kind, protects against microbes.

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