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How to be established as a strong visual brand on social media

There’s no doubt that the marketing world is becoming highly visual. Can you name few social media sites that are highly focused on their visual content? Well, these social media sites are perhaps very easy to recall. Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat primarily concentrate on their visual content.

The only way that you can stand out on social media is gain the attention of your audience through dynamic, and diverse visual content. So what’s the technique through which marketers can adapt this whole visual content environment? One could surely succeed by developing a strong visual branding strategy on social media.

A strong visual brands helps you connect with your community and also speaks a lot about the brands personality. It’s in fact very easy to be established and remembered as a strong visual brand on social media. All you have to do is just work on the following steps:

1. What colour will you choose?
A strong colour palette reflects a brand’s personality and can eventually lead to the recognition of a brand. However you should choose the colour depending upon your brand. For an insurance brand, you should go for dark blues or maroons. If you are much on the creative side, you could probably go for bright colours.
Many brands have set of colours trademarked for protection. A fair example could be that of Coco-Cola that has its ironic red and white scheme protected. This brand have clearly tried to achieve recognition through colour and have succeeded. So when you hear about this brand, it should be easy to think of its colour right?

2. Set your brand fonts right.
Just like your colour palette, you brand font plays a vital role for depicting the brand personality. Your font size could be anything from cute to bold or even a simple one works for a brand. However, it’s necessary that you keep in mind three fonts for your brand: a font for title, subtitle and body text.

Absolut vodka has made use of bold capitals and also offers a rare example of punctuation in a modern logo. The full point shows supreme confidence of the brand; conveying a message along the lines: ‘This is the brand for you-period.’

3. Improve your social media presence with photo filters.
Another way to make your visual content appear more recognizable in your news feed is by adding photo filters that will give a consistent look and feel to your photos. You could use the same filter for all your pictures that help your fans recognize your brand quickly. Also, keep in mind which effects work best for your existing elements and what messages you’d like your images to convey.

Zara, for their autumn campaign used high contrast and vignette filters to show classy black and white effect. This photo is of course a good example representing sophistication and a cool urban vibe.

4. Design consistent templates for social media posts.
The most effective way to create social media layouts is to create social media templates. Every social media platform has different image dimensions, so it’s better that you cater your graphics to these dimensions accordingly. Take time to create templates for announcements, quotes or promotions.

Make it easier for your social media fans to recognize your brand and drive engagement on your social media page. The only way you can gain success on social media is to build relationship with your audience. Thus fonts, colours, filters and templates are important to develop brand identity. They make your visual content stand out from other brands. All you have to be is creative and think different.

You’re likely to gain achievement in your business through creative and unique visual content on your page. Anyways, have you tried any of these techniques on your social media pages? If yes, let us know in the comment section below.

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