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Elevate Your Social Media Handling With The Upcoming Social Media Tools.

Yes, it’s true that social media operates in a hyper- competitive arena. It’s still a new tool where you won’t find any magic formula to be successful. But one can be prepared by using some really good social media tools to boost your social media handling.

We’re halfway through 2016. It’s that time when many social media experts are forecasting the direction of social media for the year to come.
Relatively speaking, a lot of planning and tremendous effort is required to manage social media that sometimes turns out to be entirely unpredictable.
New social media apps aren’t particularly helpful. To be honest, some just end up being one more dashboard you have to login and deal with. And too many dashboards are really a headache.

It’s amazing that there are many social media tools now. Some provide more data you can use to target your demographics more accurately. But most of the tools are directed at the other side, i.e. the investment side.
These tools really help you to reduce the amount of time and money you spend in managing your campaign.

Let’s talk about five incredibly upcoming social media tools you can probably use to enhance your social media campaign.

1. SocialOomph
SocialOomph is a unique tool which helps you connect all your social media profiles in one common profile. You can schedule posts in advance and even “bulk upload” updates. With its powerful functionality it also offers a number of audience insight tools as well.

2. Crate
Known as the new content curation tool, Crate is designed to help you find the best –performing content on the web. It will help you generate the list of topics that have performed best on social media.

3. Notifier
If you are looking to improve your influencer relationships then Notifier is a tool for you. If you plug in your content, it will automatically search for references you’ve made to other brands and pull up the social information that you’ve cited them. This will definitely help you in engaging with new influencers.

4. Canva
Canva can surely help you look like a great designer. Since audience expect more of high quality visual content, Canva is definitely the tool to use. You can turn to Canva for high quality images that fit your budget. Also, they offer many templates that eventually help you create social media posts.

5. Social Clout
Social Clout is a vital analytical tool. It helps you deliver reports on demographics and social media results. You can make significant improvements in engagements, campaigns and keywords by using social clout. The reports provided by social clout aids you track the progress and you can then note the differences in responses across platforms.

Social media tools are only increasing in number and turning easy on the interface. If you know better about social media tools, which one(s) will you choose?

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