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Top 10 Secrets of Successful Online Selling

Don’t let the competition scare you! You too can build a successful ecommerce site if you know the top ten secrets of selling online. They are as follows:
1. Drive traffic to your site: Register a business name that accurately reflects on your product niche. Advertise your business heavily online and off. This will take lots of hours of work and linking others’ sites to yours.
2. Choose a good niche: What sells good online? There is no simple answer. You must find a product that interests you personally. It must be one you know a great deal about and preferably, pertains to your lifestyle. Hence, if you love to golf, your best bet is selling golf equipment rather than say, life insurance. Your niche will succeed if it pertains to your geographic area of residence. For example, if you live near a ski resort, you may want to sell ski equipment.
3. Build a quality website: Buying goods on the Internet is highly risky and visitors aren’t likely to buy from an amateurish site. Hence, your site needs quality graphics that accurately reflect on your merchandise and data encryption to ensure your customers’ data won’t be hacked. You will need a service that processes credit card payments since most customers prefer to pay with “plastic.”
4. Make shopping for visitors easy: Your site must be easy to navigate. People can become aggravated if they find themselves going around in circles from one page to another to find what they like. Even the slightest obstacles on your site can drive potential customers elsewhere.
5. Shop online yourself: Visit others’ sites and note what you like or dislike about them. Visit competitors’ sites for ideas on how to make your site more attractive to others and what prices to sell your goods at.
6. Offer good customer service: You want your customers to feel at ease shopping on your site. Therefore, you must state what your customer service policies are and what you’re willing to do to ensure satisfaction.
7. Make your site known: Promoting your site is vital to increase your chance of sales. This means registering your site with search engines as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, MSN, Lycos, etc.
8. Lower your prices: It is best to take a slight loss in selling products than to purchase an advertising campaign that you will pay for each customer that visits your site.
9. Update your site: Try new sales tactics, keep info up-to-date, and have store sale specials.
10. Have patience: It’s going to take some time and hard work on your behalf before you can expect a steady stream of customers. Remember, don’t give up too soon.


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