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Now Say Goodbye To Camera Roll With Snapchat Memories!

With a way to search your past snaps, Snapchat launched a camera-roll like

option to save and search through past snaps. Users can now look back in time

with the new feature ‘Memories’.

Where your photos and videos couldn’t be kept forever, at least not the ones

that you send to your friends, memories can now help you save it.

Memories acts as a basic way to save and share snaps inside a folder. Also

could be called as a camera-roll replacement, with this feature you can

organize, edit, and re-share photos after they’ve been taken. A snapchat

spokesperson says memories is “the first product we’ve created that’s truly

meant for commemorating, especially with a friend by your side.”

It’s very simple to access memories. It can be done by swiping up from the

main camera screen. It’s amazing to see your snaps in the reverse-

chronological section when you open your memories section. Your photos in

the past that have been saved to your camera roll can be revisited too.

Wildly popular among teens Snapchat has seen its audience start to age with

14 percent of U.S. smartphone users and older now on the app. This new

feature also let you browse through the photo based on the location and time

stamp, and the search feature will show you snap on the anniversary date.

It’s really fun to celebrate an anniversary or birthday by finding a few old snaps

and then stringing them together.

Company’s valuation have grown to $18 billion in the recent years. It has

surpassed twitter 140 million daily users with its 150 million daily users

according to a report. Truly a good move Snapchat! What do you think about

the new feature? Do let us know about your views in the comment section


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