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Most Common Security Threats For Pcs & Networks

One of the greatest threats that internet users are facing today is the security risks from viruses, malware, spyware, botnet etc. While the usage of internet is growing rapidly, the threat to our personal data is also increasing more and more. The security issue has become biggest concern for both small and big companies as they mostly deal with critical sensitive data. Many hosting providers do offer some kind of basic service protection for email-spam and viruses, but they cannot provide complete security from critical malwares, botnets and other threats. In order to protect your computer and keep the home network safe and secure, it is important to install security software that can avoid the consequences of dangerous threats. Before deciding on the security software tools, let us be clear on various types of security threats that can occur to our systems.

It is the most common issue that can spread across through email attachments, downloads, CDs and pen drives etc. The malicious code that carries the virus acts very weird and infects other programs also. Once it is infected, it spreads to other computer & shows the exact copy by reproducing it. Computer viruses are of different types, some may infect the boot sector of the system while others can damage or delete the data or executable files. There are many anti-virus software tools available today that are promising complete protection from viruses, but the fact is, it can also spread through malware in the form of trojan horse or worms.

Phishing is nothing but tricking another person to gather information on username & password, bank account details, credit card information etc. The attempt is generally made through emails, where the user is tempted to click the malicious link and directed to the website, and try to collect the personal information of the user. It all looks so genuine that the internet user will never even know that he is getting trapped in the fraudulent scam.

It is a type of malware that gets installed on the computer without the owner's knowledge and collects personal information, user's internet behavior, and other valuable data. It tracks information and sends the data to third parties without owner's consent. Spyware typically gets bundled up with freeware programs and spread to our systems when we download through internet, but remember not all freeware applications come with spyware. Spyware applications are generally used for advertising or marketing purposes or to track & sell the sensitive data to third party entities.

Malware includes variety of terms such as computer viruses, ransomware, Trojan horses, spyware, worms, adware and other malicious programs. The application infects the system in various ways and once it is affected, it disrupts computer operation and collects sensitive information related to the user. Sometimes, the application gets misused by the cyber criminals where they lock the data and make it inaccessible to the user, then demand ransom in high amounts to get the data access back. Hence a robust security software including malware is very much important to protect your systems or networks against these dangerous activities.

A Botnet is a network of infected computers with malware. It generally connects through bots of network that typically takes control of your entire system for performing illegal activities. Botnet first installs the malicious software on the PC and then takes control of the system completely. The bot network keeps spreading from one system to another through email and other network means. Once the system is infected it acts as a remote control robot, and becomes easily accessible to the cyber criminals.

Computer jocks called as hackers are mostly responsible for data breaches and theft of identities. Most of the hackers are highly skilled in programming so that they can crack through any secured system to collect the sensitive information. While some people do hacking for fun, others use it for unlawful activities. Through some technical programming, hackers break through the networks and try to manipulate the normal functioning of the systems.

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