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3 Reasons to Blog While Getting a Degree

3 Reasons to Blog While Getting a Degree
Why blog as a student?
Getting a college degree is no easy task. For many people, it takes about four years of intense studying, writing, testing and speaking. While the benefits of holding a degree often outweigh the hard work that comes along with it, there are also many people who come out of their degree programs wishing they had also done something else on the side while they were studying. That’s where the potential for blogging can really come in to play. Anytime is a good time to start a blog, but there is something to be said for blogging while working toward a degree. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You get to optimize your degree potential, make a little cash, and become the best blogger you can be, all at the same time. Read on for the top three reasons to consider getting a degree and blogging at the same time:
Jump-start your career potential.
Blogging is one of the best ways to create a presence for yourself online. And, as more and more employers are beginning to look for a strong (or, at least, positive) online reputation before making a hire, having a steady blog is a good way to show off your skills and readership. Not only can a blog help you get a job from someone else after graduation, it can also help you start down the path of being self-sufficient. Blogging will give you the opportunity to practice publishing online, running a site, and attracting traffic. If your blog takes off, you never know where it may lead, and the potential for new avenues in your career can unfold. The best part about blogging while in school is that you can get all of this groundwork in place before you ever graduate and begin a traditional job search.
Make side money.
Blogging always comes with the potential to make a nice amount of money. If you write content that is informative, entertaining or otherwise helpful to others and you publish consistently, you have a very good chance of steadily increasing your traffic. Once you get enough traffic coming in, you can place some ads on your site. Slowly but surely, you will start to see some money coming in from those ads. It may start out as simple pizza and beer funds, but it has the potential to grow. Depending on the amount of effort you put in to your blog, you could be seeing nice profits once you graduate college. By being part time blogger these efforts will allow you to have more of a financial buffer than most graduates and possibly hold out for a job you really love. Or, if you’re successful enough, just start blogging full-time.
Get constant inspiration from your degree program.
Very often bloggers run out of ideas for posts. When you’re writing every day, it can be difficult to keep thinking of fresh topics and interesting angles. However, as a student, you are constantly engrossed in new material that you are required to analyze and understand. What’s great about blogging during this time is the fact that you can use all of this new information to further engage your readers. Try blogging about some of your favorite classes or your take on some of the new things you’re learning. This is a great way to add more perspective to your blog and get your readers excited about your niche all over again.


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