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Notes When Selecting Factory, Warehouse and Area Lighting Solutions

LightingRetroFit delivers better, higher quality lighting and energy efficient lights to warehouse and warehouse areas. It is a challenging task to provide warehouse and area lighting fixtures on mounting heights and environments found in many industries. We offer both energy efficiency and maintained illumination efficiency with its industrial lighting products.

If you are searching for different types of warehouse lighting systems, then choosing the best one that is energy efficient, is important and you have landed at the right place. We bring variety of warehouse and area lighting solutions that will keep your warehouse and similar other areas illuminated all the time.
The instant switching of induction lighting opens up further energy saving opportunities when combined with timers, movement sensors and other switching options.

Induction lighting may not quite match LED lighting for lumen output, but when you take into account the very high CRI, superior photometric spread, low glare and substantially lower fixture cost, we are a very, very competitive option for Warehouse lighting, Factory lighting and most broad area lighting applications.

All of our Highbay, Floodlight and Street light fixtures also carry either AS/NZS 60598 or IEC 60598 test reports confirming compliance with the International Luminaire Electrical Safety - General Requirements.

Our GC016A and GC004B Highbay fittings are VEET approved, as is our UVL Retrofit option.

Induction and Metal Halide lamps can, in many cases be retrofitted into existing lamp housings. LED lighting cannot be retrofitted and in most cases cannot be repaired either.

S/P ratio is an increasingly accepted International Standard method for measuring actual useable light. More commonly known today as Visually Effective Lumens. Induction lighting and T5 fluorescent have the highest ratings.

Induction retrofit kits can be fitted to many existing Highbay and street light housings as part of the normal re-lamping maintenance program, extending the life of existing infrastructure and saving the substantial cost of installing new lighting infrastructure and disposal of old lighting.

LED lamp life is based on theoretical life calculations, as an emerging technology they have not been fully tested to 50,000 hours (approx 6 years continuous).

High quality white LED fittings will cost in excess of $800. You really do get what you pay for with LED lighting in the higher wattage ranges.

Induction lamp life is proven with some military warehouse and road tunnel installations having lamps still running at over 70% lumen output in excess of 100,000 hours.

The weight of a similar light output LED fixture will be around 3 times that of an equivalent induction fixture.

Induction lighting is very low glare, making it ideal for use in Factory lighting and Warehouse lighting where glare from LED and Metal Halide lights can and does create short term eye problems for employees, especially persons needing to look up as part of their work.

At LightingRetroFit we offer obligation free basic lighting design, just give us basic area dimensions, hanging height and expected lumen output and let us put together a proposal to satisfy all your factory lighting, warehouse lighting and broad area lighting needs. Our warehouse storage in Dandenong South, Victoria ensures prompt delivery for all standard fittings.


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