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Plan your bathroom Design with Inspirations Design Book

The bathroom is the part of the house where we clean up ourselves by taking some actions. Some of these actions include brushing of the teeth, taking our baths, passing out waste products as well as shaving amongst others. Even though the time we spend in this part of the house is relatively little, it is very important that we properly plan and design this part of the house as we have to use it a minimum of twice every day. This is based on the fact that it is recommended that everybody should take their bath at least twice a day. Bathroom design ideas can be gotten from a number of sources including books such as the fevicol design book.

The bathroom

The bathroom is a part of the house where activities that is related to personal hygiene takes place. The basic content of a bathroom include, but is not limited to sink, toilet, shower, bathtub and a mirror. Towel bars are also important in bathrooms so that towels and underwear can be hung on them. There is the need to properly design your bathroom and ensure that it is always neat at every point of the day. Lack of proper bathroom design can be very risky.

Risks associated with lack of proper bathroom design

The need to ensure that the design of a bathroom is intact cannot be over-emphasized. The design of bathroom includes the materials that were used in the bathroom as well as how they were fixed and arranged. When the right materials are not used or properly arranged, the results could be disastrous. This is because a lot of water is used in the bathroom, which often makes the bathroom to be wet. The bathroom has the reputation of being a high-risk accident prone area. Many of these accidents have being fatal leading to the dead of the people involved. There have being cases of people slipping on bathroom floor and dying or having serious injuries after heating their head on the hard floor or bathtub. There have also being cases where people’s legs have been severely injured by toilet seat, majorly at the back part of their laps. All of these make it vital for proper planning and design to be put in place when a bathroom is being constructed or renovated. Children should always be guided when they are using the bathroom so that they don’t carelessly pour water on the floor and also injure their selves.

Designing your bathroom

You would need to get bathroom design ideas to be able to properly design your bathroom. While it is possible to come up with your own designs, expert opinions might be necessary if you are not one. You can however, also consult professional design books to get good ideas of how to design your bathroom. Fevicol design book have nice ideas that you can implement when designing your own bathroom, so that you are able to have a beautiful bathroom with very minimal risks.

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Mark Long has benefitted a lot from the Fevicol design book while looking for bathroom design ideas as well as ideas for planning other rooms in a house.


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