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Why link building is still an important approach in digital marketing?

The frequent changes in Google algorithm during the last few years have impacted the digital marketing strategy to a great extent. Besides link building, the concepts of social media, content marketing, PPC, email marketing and blogging have also gained importance in improving the visibility of websites. As a matter of fact, links still carry prominence in creating value for the websites. The quality and quantity of the external and internal links established with the website is one of the deciding aspects that Google considers when measuring the authority of web pages. Link building is an important strategy of SEO because a web page attracting more links means more search traffic to the website and higher performance in search engine rankings. It is no secret that Google always looks for fresh and updated content to build the website credentials. Hence many businesses keep on adding more content to their websites and continue the process of building links to improve the page authority.

Links add more credentials to the website
Links are considered as the ranking factors because when someone is linking to another website it indicates that the web site is a valuable and trust worthy resource. When websites are competing in the search engine rankings, web pages having high quality of links are going to rank ahead when compared to the pages with low quality. Inactive websites or websites with no natural link profile carry no value and get ignored by search engines. Building natural links is still one of the prominent promotional aspects in digital marketing because all your efforts for creating the valuable content would become unworthy if proper links are not built to increase the visibility.

Use the right strategy to balance the link profile
Previously, Google used to measure the number of inbound links from the external web pages to your website to calculate the link points for page rankings. However, this concept has been misused by many webmasters as they have implemented many sloppy techniques to create thousands of backlinks using automated tools for their websites. Hence, today most of the search engines guidelines are focusing on natural link profile rather than counting on the number of backlinks. Technically speaking, balancing of link profile need to be followed with appropriate number of dofollow (indicates Google to follow and index the page eventually adding value and credibility) and nofollow links (no index crawlers, but still helps in providing valuable referral traffic).Even though seeking of natural authoritative links is more time consuming process, the best way to get them is by searching the topics that are relevant to your website.

How to figure out valuable links
Not all links carry the same weight and give equal results. There are many factors that contribute to the value of a link but in general, backlinks from relevant and trusted domains are given more importance. You will notice many digital marketing companies working on spam links, making false promises on web page rankings to their customers. Creating a high quality link building campaign requires lot of hard work as it needs proper research in identifying the valuable links and filtering out the spammy ones from premier. The best way to analyze the link building methods adopted by your business is to check the improvement in rankings for your website. Identifying premier links may take more time than you have expected, but a well built valuable link will last longer and stand the test of time giving higher success rate.

Buying links is not good for SEO
If you really care about ranking well in search engines for long term, better not think about buying links directly from website owners. Sadly many companies work on spammy techniques and buy links to get instant results for their websites. Google execute many methods to identify such purchased links and there is also a chance of your website getting expelled from the their directories. So it is always better not to work on these short cut methods that may prove harmful to your website in the long run. Finding good links for your content is a tedious process and if you are unable to work on it, try to engage a good digital marketing firm who can help you out with the entire digital marketing strategy.


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