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Social Benefits of Playing Online

Socializing is more positive than being alone, that’s why meetings are so popular. For people to explore out of their physical proximity and find new people, a bulk load of social networking websites are available over the internet. Social games over these social media platforms serve as a topping over the cake since not only they entertain us but also lay an opportunity to compete and play with our friends.

In recent years, online social games have grown in popularity with over 1591 million active users per month on Facebook let alone the dedicated gaming websites. They have brought about an extensive social change on a global scale.


Online social games can be defined as the games that are easy to understand, have a very gentle learning curve, exists on a social network or their respective websites and takes advantage of your friendships in beneficial ways within the game. Online social games can be divided into two categories - Casual social games and MMOs (massively multiplayer online) games.

Casual social games, like Farmville, exist specifically on a social platform (such games are called Canvas Games) where socializing among friends is through sending invites only. However, MMOs include real-time interaction between the players like World of Warcraft, RuneScape etc. Multiplayer online games have revolutionised the era of online gaming because they not only entertain the gamers, but also bring together multicultural groups of people together, who brainstorm and devise game strategies together on a real-time platform.

Other genre of online social games that let you interact with the fellow players are online social casino games like rummy, poker, teen patti game. Social casino games, too, are booming these days since you don’t need to be physically present with someone, you are just one click away to play the game with anyone in the world round the clock. This not only intensifies the number of people you engage with but also lets you enjoy the game from the comforts of your couch.


A research has shown that the benefits of playing social games are more than interacting with people, as they help you grow as a person too. Really! With online games, players can improve their moods, relax and ward off their anxiety. They learn to become resilient in the face of failure and develop problem-solving, logical skills. Hand-eye coordination (shooting games), faster & accurate attention allocation, higher spatial resolution in visual processing, enhanced mental rotation abilities, cooperation, multitasking, teamwork, planning, resource management and logistics are some of the many skills which players develop while playing online games. In short, social, emotional and meta-cognitive skills are deeply inculcated in the player’s persona.

When players indulge in online social games they often feel a sense of community and empathy within the game. The tools which are the source of building connections and empathy in the game are :

Player avatars- serves as the extension of physical self

Rapid-fire feedback loops- engagement, synchronised actions towards a common goal, shaping emotions and forging connections

Movement- physical movement drives feelings in the player, enthusiasm, excitement

Various studies have shown that online game players tend to develop intense concentration power and can pay attention to more than six things at once as compared to the people who don’t play social games. Strong meta-cognitive skills translate into strong interpersonal skills of the players as well. Also players tend to have the following characteristics:

10 to 20% higher perceptual and cognitive ability

More creative

Quick analysis and response to challenges, frustrations

More perseverance

More helpful and come to the rescue

More accurate( in case of doctors, 27% faster & 37% fewer errors)

Good at pattern recognition

More goal oriented

Inductive reasoning and estimating skills

So, whether you play online casino games, war games or the usual social games on Facebook, or any other social networking platform for that matter, the main motive of online gaming is to have fun. Building connections, making friends, falling in love and getting married, come complementary with it and surely are the true wonders of online social games.

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