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5 Benefits of Using Bulk Mail Services in Direct Mail Marketing

It is a fact that computers and the internet have transformed the way people think and respond. However, it doesn’t mean they can replace everything. We still pay more attention to a mail that we receive by post rather than an email in our inbox. Speaking in terms of mail marketing, a direct mail is seen as less junk when compared to an e-mail. If it were so outdated, major business organizations would not still rely on them and hire bulk mail service providers to help them. Bulk mail is a provision provided by the postal department to post larger quantities of mail for a reduced postage. Bulk mail services can be very helpful in executing the direct mail marketing strategies of a business, large or small, in the following ways.

1. Save Time

They have to be presorted according to ZIP codes as per the United States Postal Services (USPS). And bulk mail of a business organization doesn’t amount to a mere hundred or thousand pieces. Presorting takes more time than you can imagine and needs a separate work force in your business just to do this job alone. Hiring a service provider can save you the time in pre-sorting the mails, transporting them to a destination postal facility and ensuring a speedy delivery.

2. Save Money

As per the rules and regulations of the USPS, in order to mail at commercial prices, i.e. at a reduced postage, one needs to get a mailing permit and pay an annual fee. Service providers advise you on the commercial prices and save the money you need to spend on permits and annual fee.

3. No Minimums

USPS has a regulation on the number of mails to be sent and offers discounts based on the number of pieces per mailing. Suppose you run a small business organization and don’t have big mailing jobs, taking the trouble of mailing all by yourself will deny you of discounts and cost you extra. Bulk mail services on the contrary, mail all of their clients’ pieces together, do pre-sorting and do your small bulk mailing job with no constraints such as minimums.

4. List Building

Bulk mail services entirely rely on direct mail marketing. They have an in-depth knowledge of this marketing technique and can provide valuable advice in building your listings and increasing your customer base. Also, they update your listings consistently and increase your reach.

5. Targeted Marketing

Bulk mails are highly targeted in addition to being direct. By sending new product information, bills and guidelines, etc. through them improves repeated business by establishing a strong provider-consumer relationship. Service providers help in this regard and contribute for an effective and customized targeted marketing strategy.

Bulk mail services strengthen the traditional marketing technique, direct mailing. They help in creating new leads and increasing a valued customer base and revenue. They are also essential to keep this traditional method of marketing alive and effective.

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