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Not being creative & incompetence is unacceptable in innovative companies

Today most of the successful organizations that are said to be innovative believe that the base for innovation is instilled in creativity and competence rather than just focusing on hiring skilled workers. It is a mistake to think that innovation happens only at the certain level in an organization. In fact we hear many professionals complaining about not having time to focus on innovative concepts. Basically, in any organization, innovation starts at the top level management because those are the people who facilitate the process to unleash the creative capacity of the employees at all levels. But imagine, what would happen to those innovative companies like Apple, Google etc if employees are not competent enough and have talent deficiencies in facing the innovative challenges? Hence broadly we can say, in companies where consistent innovation happens, creativity and competence are most valued and expected evenly, at every employee level.

Facing the business challenges with creativity and competence
Today's business environment is increasingly complex & uncertain and because of which it is becoming hard for both larger and smaller companies to sustain and get the market recognition and success. Regardless of the industry, the ability to continuously innovate has become a big challenge for most of the companies. Unless they are capable to create something novel and appropriate there is a chance for the organizations to lag behind the race. So, businesses that survived in the tumultuous times are those who are innovative and are flexible for the change. These businesses have recognized creativity and competence as the main key factors for survival without which there is no chance for developing innovative strategies. That is the reason, most of the innovative companies are choosing individuals with creative thinking in leadership positions who can lead and build a strong creative competence throughout the organization. As the landscape for businesses continued to change, these leaders accommodated their creative thoughts as per the market needs and encouraged employees towards continuous innovation.

To build innovation, companies need right people
In fact, the senior executives and the top level management of the successful organizations hold greater responsibility in screening and hiring the employees with right innovative potential. These model leaders personally involve in coming up with new ideas and encourage employees to maximize their creativity and competence that can contribute to the company-wide innovation. Every company has its own screening process for checking the key characteristic skills, and individuals with track record of thinking differently in a creative manner will become part of the innovation team.

Determining the workplace creativity and competence
The key factor that determines the workplace creativity and competence is the degree by which individuals undertake the work tasks, think and act differently to generate creative ideas for new product, service or process development and implement them into actions with right competence. Not every person in an organization is capable of doing non-routine work that requires higher order of thinking & knowledge, the ability to understand, analyze, and respond to the demands of workplace competencies. In fact, the competencies required for each organization could be different from others but the basis foundation depends on the specialization, intensity, ingenious ability, conceptual knowledge and flexibility. Some companies achieve success and innovation in just few years of their business journey, because greater percentages of the company employees focus on the abilities to improve organization's effectiveness, and also initiate and support the organizational change through self-motivated interest for creativity and competence.


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