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Growing Businesses with E-mail Marketing Automation

In the past year or two we have seen a number of notable changes in the marketing technology as messaging applications and social networks have introduced new ways to connect with the customers for publicizing the brands. However, email marketing continued to hold its importance and remained most effective among marketing teams. Whether it is to send a newsletter or design the creative email campaign to impress the contacts or customers, the emails should target the right audience with well written content. Email marketing has come long way, from a routine high density link based design to data driven targeted campaigns based on the gender, age, location, social profile etc. Now most of the businesses are no longer wasting time sending messages to each one of the customers based on their segmentation. Instead they have integrated email automation into their marketing concept so that the email ad campaigns are created and sent automatically in bulk to the whole list in one go, when specific criteria of user action is met.

What is the need for email marketing automation?
Automation and personalization has become the evolving features of today's email marketing. By adapting to the email automation process, the businesses can initiate ad campaigns with welcome emails, trigger the actions based on the customer needs, do the sales follow-ups, engage the customer with personalized discounts and feedbacks, send monthly newsletters on new product developments etc. Creating and sending personalized emails for each customer manually is a time consuming process and wastage of manpower for the businesses, rather it is easy to set up email campaign once which keeps on triggering automatically when the customer meets a certain criteria. In fact, to improve the effectiveness of reaching the customers and engage them with the right information, businesses can also integrate automated email campaigns with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation:
• Effective in targeting the right audience:
Automation of email marketing is more effective in targeting the audience, so that the messages are filtered precisely to reach the right audience. The dynamic content features of email automation not only helps in keeping the current ad campaigns active but also assists in easy customization of messages with proper content for the new customers. It is the ideal solution for businesses, that are executing complex and ongoing campaigns to connect with wide range of customers, which otherwise is impossible manually.

• Run multiple campaigns with limited resources:
With email automation multiple campaigns and posts can be created ahead of time and can be scheduled accordingly as per the business needs. Particularly, it is more helpful for small and medium businesses as they cannot afford more budget, time and resources for this kind of effort seeking process.

• Maintain consistent visibility:
Automation facilitates companies to create a consistent brand presence which ultimately leads to increase in the visibility and gaining the customer attention. Email with low value content is equal to spam. Hence, it is important to send valuable content with interesting information such as blog posts, recent product updates, free offers, monthly new letters etc. With automation cycles, visualizing the customer journey becomes easy and the companies can refine the leads that are really interested, thus resulting in identifying the highly potential customers.


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