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Top Five Tips Before Designing Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity is the surface or the stand lying on the top of a cabinet. Double sink bathroom vanities consist of rope carvings along the top. Sometimes, you can also find them in oxidized metal panels in the doors, highlighting the rustic finish. If you are looking for double sink, mostly you will get false drawers on both the left and right sides. Now, what should you do, if you want to design a double sink bathroom vanity?

Let’s check out the top five considerations before you design a double sink bathroom vanity:

1. Decide on the elements to be included in the design – Before designing the bathroom vanity, think about the elements you want to keep in your toilet, including the double sink, countertop, cupboard, mirror, faucet, light fixtures and other medicine cabinet. You need to consider these elements as they will form a part of your vanity area. Choose these elements based on their functionality.

2. Take exact measurements of your bathroom – Measure your toilet and draw the dimensions on graph paper. Jot down the approximate sizes of your potential new cabinets, double sinks, light fixtures, towel bars and mirrors at your proposed budget. Besides, you should note down the specific location of your electrical openings, faucet, commode and shower.

3. Redraw bathroom excluding all equipment – You also need to redraw the design of your bathroom, excluding all the existing equipment. Ensure that your drawings would exclude everything, excepting the locations of your toilet windows and walls. You must note down all the modifications you wish to incorporate such as the change in the location of your bathroom door or a change of swing, considering the aesthetics. Moreover, if you like to replace any toilet fixture, you should not forget to redraw the element in the right location of your bathroom design.

4. Evaluate the measurement of vanity cabinet – It is significant to evaluate the measurement of your vanity cabinet, if you have the plan to keep it in the same location. If it’s a pedestal sink, take the measurement from the wall to your next fittings. Now, if commode is your next fixture, you should provide a minimum of 10 inches space between your cupboard and commode for the sake of your clearance. If your sinks take up more space than other equipment in your bathroom, you need to space the double sinks in an even way.

5. Match vanity size as per your necessity – While planning for a double sink bathroom vanity, the maximum width of your vanity should be 60 inches. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t crowd your commode or other fittings for cramming into a bigger vanity. This would decrease the functionality of your toilet and will make it difficult to use. Calculate the cost of all your necessary finish materials, including the demolition charge, the expense of moving wires & pipes, the repairing outlay for walls and doors and also the disbursement of your labor.

Follow these tips and design double sink bathroom vanity in an apt way.

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