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Digital Marketing vs Social Media

Many people misunderstand the concepts of social media and digital marketing and believe that by engaging on social media they are implementing digital marketing for their businesses. This is not exactly true because social media is just a part of digital marketing and has its own constraints whereas digital marketing support many components like SEO, PPC, content, email marketing etc. In some cases, other methods of digital marketing are more viable than social media, as social media is restricted to only online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Youtube etc. Social media is more useful in advertising a product or service to wide audience, educating the customers with existing product usage, and keeping them updated with the latest releases and updates.

What is social media for businesses?

Social media has become the latest buzz word in today's business world. Regardless of your business category, small, medium or large, online or offline, spreading the word through social media is much faster way than any other media. It is a great opportunity and advantage for every business to market their products especially for small and medium enterprises as they cannot spend more money for advertising.

Social media allows millions of people connect with each other, exchange their ideas, promote the products and make announcements or spread a message between organizations, communities and individuals. For companies, it is one of the easiest ways to interact with the customers and get the feedback about their products, get more market insights and gain the attention of new potential customers. It helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction and form a bond of trust with them.

When compared to other advertising tools, social media is the most inexpensive way of reaching global audience. Normally social media tools are free for everyone, but the companies have to build their own followers, fans and connections by sharing the useful content about their products and services online. To get more enhanced services, companies can sign up for paid advertising option where the social media accounts are promoted to advertise their business brand.

Just being on social networks is not enough for the businesses to succeed:

Now the question arises – Can social media marketing alone support the businesses to succeed? Relying only on social media such as Facebook likes and receiving re-tweets will not work for businesses to grow their sales and increase their profits. There should be a proper marketing strategy covering most suitable aspects of digital marketing which can integrate the entire system of search engine, content, email etc. to add value for the given business. While digital marketing works on various high-end strategies to promote the business, social media depends only on content strategy where businesses create content to promote themselves and maintain the image on online platforms. Social media works only as a resource to display the company's products and services but for customized solutions and online marketing success, the holistic and encompassing approach of digital marketing is essential. If a business needs are to be handled efficiently, using all aspects of digital marketing is the right option as it is a multi-channel approach where each strategy is analyzed in-depth and integrated together to drive meaningful results.

Marvist Digital Marketing, a 10 year old premium company, has established a special niche for their high-end professional service to the small and medium enterprise market segments in US & UK. Over the years, Marvist served nearly 1000+ medium firms with its expertise and innovative approach that offered true economic value to the customers.

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