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Complete Smile Reconstructions Made Possible with All on 4 Implants

Tooth loss has a significant impact on the appearance of a smile. The instant that natural teeth go missing due to various reasons a person’s appearance is instantly transformed; the smile looks visibly unhealthy with all of the spaces that come from losing natural teeth. This toothless state can, appearance-wise, increase the age of a person and make him or her look much older than usual. As tooth loss comes with the loss of the tooth roots as well, the jawbone will gradually become thinner, which contributes to the shrivelled look surrounding the mouth area that makes a person look even older.

A dental implant treatment is the ideal solution for missing teeth problems. The titanium screws are placed into the jawbone to act as replacement tooth roots, which will then anchor the teeth restorations firmly in position. There are cases, however, when it is not possible to place conventional implants into a patient’s jaw. If a patient suffers from bone deterioration, the jawbone may have considerably thinned in such a way that it cannot support the placement of traditional dental implants. In addition, not everyone is keen on waiting a few months for the implants to be healed, before teeth replacements are put in place.

All on 4 dental implants is a unique method of placing implants in a minimally-invasive manner. This method eliminates the need for complicated procedures such as bone grafting in cases when the jawbone has thinner or deteriorated. Four dental implants are placed and angled in specific areas of the jawbone to fully maximise the existing bone structure. Also called same day teeth, these implants are attached to the teeth restorations in the same day that the titanium screws are placed into the jawbone. The All on 4 implants technique makes it possible for a patient enjoy a complete smile reconstruction within just one day of treatment.

The same day teeth method restores the attractive appearance and normal function of a smile in just one day, eliminating the implant healing period which can take months to be completed before replacement teeth are attached. The minimally-invasive procedure enables the patient to go through a much shorter downtime and recovery period; after the treatment, the patient can immediately resume normal activities. Jawbone deterioration is stopped, and the biting strength is further improved with the help of all on 4 implants. Those suffering from loose dentures will also benefit from this technique, which uses the implants to hold the teeth restorations firmly in place to avoid the embarrassing and painful denture movement inside the mouth.


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