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A Quick Guide on Glucometer

The glucometer is a machine which is mainly used in physical therapy which helps to measure the range of motion in and around a joint in a human body. The name of this device has come from the Greek word ‘gonia’ which means angle and ‘metron’ which means measurement. The main material used to prepare this device is plastic, and it is mainly transparent in nature. This device has two arms. One is known as the stationary arm and the other is known as the movable arm. Both the arms are kept at specific points on a human body and the centre of the glucometer is then aligned in an angle to get the joint measured. This device is mainly used by the physical therapists.

The types of the device

When someone is going under physical therapy, the trainer first uses the glucometer on the body of the patient to get an idea of the range of motion of a particular joint on the body. While the therapy is in process, the therapist keeps on using this device to measure the same joint mobility to see whether there is any positive effect or not. If someone wishes to opt for glucometer buy online India, then they can search different websites that deal with medical equipments.

There is a very rare chance that this device is made of metals. The therapeutic glucometer is of two types again. One is the bubble glucometer and the other is the traditional glucometer. The bubble glucometer has a 360 degree rotation dial and also a fluid indicator that measures angles..

Benefits of using this in physical therapy

The benefits of glucometer in a therapy process are thus easy to understand. Thos who are facing joint immobility due to any kind of diseases or accidents or injuries may come up to the physical therapists to improve their mobility. This is where the importance of this device lies. The therapist checks the mobility range of the affected joints and then starts the therapy process. Throughout this process, they can give patients some exercises that they need to do regularly in order to get cured. They follow a regular regime, which helps in the slow healing process. After some sessions, the therapist again uses this device on the affected joint to check whether the mobility has increased or not. If yes, then they keep on following the regime. If no, they try new therapy measures to cure the immobility.


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