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Ecommerce And Its Business Models

All hail the Internet revolution for the awesome experience we are having. The present shopping constitutes of going virtual and trying on any stuff seamlessly. No more roaming around brick and mortar shops, E commerce has led us to a new world. It is the transactions done over online space without any hassles. E-Commerce has bridged the gap between human needs and business transaction. The eCommerce has spread its wings across many ideas as such online shopping, online business transactions. SEO optimization which was a new feather is now used by each and every E-Business company. SEO company in Florida is one the companies helping build up an E-Store. Many business models can be built upon the eCommerce foundation, but most important are B2C, B2B and C2C models.
• B2B Model

Business to business models are the most vital pillar for today’s business space. The transactions taking place between two or more companies are referred to as B2B model. No company can produce all the spare parts of its own. So, there is the need for B2B business model. Some of the arenas are, EC21. It has many benefits like the presence in the virtual world through SEO. SEO Company in Florida has helped many companies cater to the need of SEO optimization for various sites and survive the competition. Georgia SEO Company has opened up to help many B2B companies and their competition across the globe.

• B2C Model

Business to Consumer model is the largest business model of eCommerce. It has catered to the need of all the consumers of the world. Any normal transaction taking place between a layman and a shopkeeper is also termed under a B2C business transaction. Georgia SEO Company provides help to many B2C companies to get a better hold of the marketing tactics and optimization.

A B2C business model has many advantages as in no time constraint for the transaction. It can be done at any time of the day. Transactions can also be made through any distance. It has a global reach. No more time or location bound business. It also offers many varieties on the plate. The consumer is spoilt for choices as to which type he should splurge his money on. But it has some disadvantages like technical failures or security breach. Many a times, due to heavy traffic, technical failures are bound to happen which results in low conversion rates. Security breach leads to breakage in consumer’s faith on the site. No more loyal consumers on the site.

• C2C Model

Consumer to consumer model was very dormant in the past years. But it has bloomed to a thriving business model in the recent years. More people are embracing the idea of buying or purchasing from other consumers over online portal. EBay, OLX are some of the sites for C2C business models. Any transaction between normal consumers falls under this model. A selling of old car and purchasing a second hand cell phone are some examples of C2C business transactions.

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