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Android App Maker Guide - 5 Tips to Enhance Your App's Design

Does your Android app look a bit dull? Try these tips to liven it up.

So you’ve decided to become an Android app maker and made some apps, which is cool, but they seem to be lacking something in the aesthetics department. While functionality is all important, you’d be hard pressed to get people to download your app if it doesn’t look appealing. Here are some tips that should spruce things up.

1. Use Tailor Made Graphics

A well-designed Android app creator can provide your app with cool graphics, but the implementation is up to you. The “one size fits most” approach doesn’t always work, and often times it is better to have the graphics tailor made for specific screen dimensions. For the best results the graphics should load at runtime.

2. Apply Proper Formatting

Apps often crash when they try to load very large graphics as well as graphics using an incorrect format. Android supports a number of different formats such as WebP (Android 4.0+), JPG, GIF and PNG. For lossless images, PNG is the best option and JPG is for images that will be adjusted or edited in some way. If your primary concern is download size and storage usage, use WebP rather than JPG.

3. Use Animation and Color to Signify Changes

There’s no need to overdo the animation as subtle ones will be enough to signify changes and screen transitions. You should also use colors to differentiate and serve notice for application changes. As long as the animation and colors are understated, your app will have a more refined, professional look.

A good example of this would be fading between display transitions, and changing the color of a button is enough to inform the user that the activity has been performed, and it also serves as confirmation that a certain action is taking place. Note: test your app thoroughly with hardware acceleration on and off.

4. Use a Rounded UI

A rounded UI (user interface) is becoming more commonplace because it gives your app a smoother, sleeker appearance. While it’s true that every user interface control occupies a rectangular pixel space, an app creator can give it a rounded and less jarring appearance.

5. Use Lighting Properly

Some Android apps allow you to add special lighting effects and drop shadows. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little pizzazz to your app, but make sure lighting is properly applied. In other words if you’re going to create mobile app with drop shadows, their orientation must be consistent.

The same rule applies when using gradients: make sure you’re using the same values so the colors look the same and have a professional appearance. Speaking of colors, your app needs to employ high contrast color schemes so it’s easy to read and distinguish fonts and backgrounds.

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