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Basic Syntax For Sas Technologies

SAS Basic Syntax:

Like any other programming dialect, the SAS dialect has its own particular principles of language structure to make the SAS programs. The three parts of any SAS program - Statements, Variables and Data sets take after the following rules on Syntax.

SAS Statements:

Explanations can begin anyplace and end anyplace. A semicolon toward the end of the last line denotes the end of the announcement.

Numerous SAS proclamations can be on the same line, with every announcement finishing with a semicolon.
Space can be utilized to discrete the parts in a SAS program articulation. SAS catchphrases are not case sensitive.
Each SAS program must end with a RUN proclamation.

SAS Variable Names:

Variables in SAS speak to a section in the SAS information set. The variable names take after the underneath standards.

It can be most extreme 32 characters in length.
It can exclude spaces.
It must begin with the letters A through Z (not case touchy) or an underscore (_).
Can incorporate numbers however not as the primary character.
Variable names are case insensitive.


# Valid Variable Names
# Invalid variable Names
Miles Per Liter #contains Space.
RainfFall% # contains apecial character other than underscore.
90_high # Starts with a number.

SAS Data Set:

The DATA explanation denotes the creation of another SAS data set. The guidelines for DATA set creation are as underneath.

A solitary word after the DATA explanation shows a brief information set name. Which implies the information set gets eradicated toward the end of the session.

The information set name can be prefixed with a library name which makes it a lasting information set. Which implies the information set holds on after the session is over.

On the off chance that the SAS information set name is discarded then SAS makes a brief information set with a name produced by SAS such as - DATA1, DATA2 and so on.


# Temporary data sets.
DATA TempData;
DATA abc;
DATA newdat;
# Permanent data sets.
DATA MYLIB.newdat;

SAS File Extensions:

The SAS programs, data files and the results of the programs are spared with different expansions in windows.

*.sas - It speaks to the SAS code document which can be altered utilizing the SAS Editor or any word processor.

*.log - It speaks to the SAS Log File it contains data, for example, blunders, notices, and information set subtle elements for a submitted SAS program.

*.mht/*.html - It speaks to the SAS Results document.

*.sas7bdat - It speaks to SAS Data File which contains SAS information set including variable names, names, and the aftereffects of estimations.

Comments in SAS:

Remarks in SAS code are determined in two ways. The following are these two arrangements.

*message; type comment

A remark as *message; cannot contain semicolons or unmatched quote inside it. Additionally there ought not be any reference to any full scale explanations inside such remarks. It can traverse various lines and can be of any length.. Taking after is a solitary line remark illustration:

* This is remark;
Taking after is a multiline remark illustration:
* This is first line of the remark
* This is second line of the remark;
/*message*/type remark

A remark as/*message*/is utilized all the more much of the time and it can not be settled. Be that as it may, it can traverse numerous lines and can be of any length. Taking after is a solitary line remark case:

/* this is remark */
Taking after is a multiline remark sample:
/* this is first line of the remark
* This is second line of the remark */

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