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First month pregnancy diet plan – What to eat?

Are you pregnant? Congrats!!! So now you are going to experience the magical moments in your life. It will be an amazing feeling to you that you are going to give a birth to new baby. It means you are the creator for one human life. At time moment every mother want to takecare of their baby inside the womb and on the otherside there will be a lot of anxiety on food what to eat and what to avoid.

Generally people, ones pregnant is confirmed they will search on internet for the information like what type of food to eat in the first month of pregnancy and they will go through too many articles and they will get confused on which site to believe and which information is correct? Right?

So to avoid such kind of situations for the mothers, here I am providing the information on food for the first month pregnant women.

Folic Acid Foods: Folic acid contains B vitamin which plays crucial role in cell metabolism. Generally doctors will write the prescription that contains the medicines with folic acid. Along with medicines, you also need to take folic acid foods like beef liver, sea food, eggs, peas and nuts. Folic acid foods are very important for having a sustaining pregnancy. In order to have healthy baby you need to take this healthy diet.

Eat more Fruits: When you are in pregnant you should eat more fruits. Fruits are the best foods that you can eat when you are pregnant. Eat more types of fruits like Avocado, mangoes, grapes, bananas, lemon, berries and oranges. Some people will tell to don’t eat papaya while pregnant. So it is better to avoid this fruit when you are pregnant.

Take more milk products if you can digest: Some people cannot digest milk products when they are carrying pregnancy. If you cannot digest, don’t take. If you can digest, the milk is a very good source for more proteins and it contains Vitamin – D which is fat soluble. You should take more proteins for baby growth in the womb. Some of the good sources of proteins are low fat cottage cheese, chicken breast skinless, salmon fish, peanut butter and one boiled egg daily.

Eat Iron rich Foods: The iron foods will make sure the flow of blood in your body is steady. Here are some of the iron rich foods that you can eat. Eat more dark green leafy vegetables, meat, chicken and dried beans. If possible try to eat more raw vegetables, compared to other foods this is more iron rich.

Some Sugary Foods: In order to develop a healthy baby inside mother womb. They needed 300 calories in every single day. Don’t eat sugar; rather focus on eating natural sugary foods like fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices.

To get a healthy safe baby you need to follow this pregnancy diet in the first month. Hope this article is helpful for the pregnant women.

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