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Health Benefits of the Vitamin C Shower Head

Most of us probably don’t give much thought about the quality of our showers. Bathing is an important activity for maintaining our everyday hygiene. Yet, we often end up ignoring several risks that our body may be exposed to because of the questionable quality of the water that may be coming from the taps. From chlorine allergy to bacterial infections, we are exposed to many realistic hazards while using water directly from the tap. However, a simple modification can eliminate those hazards, but also give you and your family members with an excellent bathing experience. A commonly used solution for addressing such problems is the Vitamin C Shower Head.

What exactly is a Vitamin C shower head?

Ordinary shower simply allow the passage of tap water through them. So, even if the passing water isn’t fully safe for bathing, it will directly come in contact with the exposed skin of people taking the shower through it. But the Vitamin C shower head comes with a cartridge-like tube that is filled with concentrated natural Vitamin C extracts that reacts with the chlorine and dilutes its concentration, ultimately reducing the possibility of any chlorine based side effect.

Healthier and more pleasant bathing experience

Many models of the Vitamin C shower head not just reduces chlorine, but also comes with advanced filtration features that removes many other chemicals and particles as well. With the addition of natural aromatic formulas, customers can also get a unique bathing experience that is pleasant and healthy at the same time.

Ideal for many commercial establishments

Providing unique experiences to customers can translate not just into increased customer satisfaction, but also good business in the long term. With the use of this aromatic vitamin C, several business establishments can provide unmatched satisfactory experience to their customers. Establishments like hotels, resorts, spas, health-clubs and swimming pools can easily impress their customers by the use of vitamin C shower head.

Easily usable in homes

Most Vitamin C shower head can be easily used in place of the commonly used shower heads. Similarly, the vitamin C refills can be easily replaced by simply opening the shower heads. Some renowned models of shower even manage the flow pressure to an ideal level, which ultimately makes showering more comfortable. With the aromatic features, any resident or guest will be satisfied with the new and unique bathing experience. Thus, using it in homes is indeed not just a healthy choice, but an enjoyable experience for its residents.


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