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How to Store a Vehicle Safely

If you're going to store a vehicle for a long time there are a few things you should know in order to do it safely and with the least trauma being placed upon your vehicle.
You want to diminish the erosion you'll inevitably place upon your vehicle for storing it in one place for a long time.
Throughout this article we will go over what to do in order to make sure you give your vehicle an edge.

Changing the Filters and the Oil:
If you're going to store a vehicle, you'll need to make sure the oil and air filters, as well as the oil itself gets changed.
Be careful and make sure your oil and filters are maintained before setting your vehicle aside as this will improve its chances to keep on performing once you want to turn the key around.

Pumping the Vehicle Full of Premium Fuel:
You'll also want to ensure that the vehicle as fresh fuel in order to refrain the deposit from accumulating garbage.
Premium fuel is the best choice since more additives will be taken and the fuel has less chances to go bad with time.

Ensuring the Coolant is Maintained and in a Good Level:
Another consumable you'll have to look out for is the coolant in order to keep the pipes and recipient populated with fluid and reduce erosion damage.

Checking your Car's Tire Pressure:
The car's tire pressure should also be appropriate, or even just a little above recommended in order to avoid the air chamber of the tires to be damaged or pierced.
Be careful not to leave the tires exposed to direct sunlight or the continued exposure may cause the rubber to weaken and even explode.

Cleaning it and Applying Paint Guard:
Cleaning your vehicle and applying paint guard makes it so that you can rest assured knowing your car paint has an additional layer of protection shielding it from damage.

Open the Vehicle's Windows Slightly:
In order to keep the vehicle breathing you should leave the windows on your vehicle slightly open, but not enough for small rodents or animals to get in.

Plastic Wrap the Wipers: It stops them from sticking!
If you place plastic wrap on the wipers it will stop them from adhering to the glass, which can be a problem if the vehicle is stored for a lot of time.

Now that you know what to do in order to store a vehicle, you can now rest assured you've put away your baby while giving it the best chance of survival.
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