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Soviet Cooking. Almost Forgotten Fish Recipes.

Several luxury recipes from the book 'Cooking', published In 1955 In The Ussr.
Short introduction of the article dedicated to Sturgeon fish species.

The basins of the world is no better fish sturgeon. Over most of the world catch this magnificent fish accounted for by Russia.
In culinary terms, in addition to excellent meat quality, and sturgeon are still a number of advantages. They give a very small number of non-edible parts (no more than 14%) due to the fact that the cartilages of which consist mainly head and skeleton, as well as the spinal cord, used in food. Boiled cartilage added to rassolnik, soups, and from the chord - the spinal string - prepared vyazigu (spinal cord without the inner cartilage mass, cut lengthwise and dried), which is used as a filling for cakes, kulebyaka and pie.

So lets start.

Salad of sturgeon, stellate and beluga 'Metropolitan'
50 Fish, boiled potatoes 35, Canned cucumbers (gherkins) 25, 10 green salad, mayonnaise 40, sauce "Southern" 10, 20 eggs, caviar 6, salmon 8, crawfish or crabs 5, 10 olives.
By delicacy sauces, different sharpness spice taste and aroma, is a group of soy sauces, of which sauce "Southern" - one of the most common. Also enzymatic soy sauce, which include: applesauce, tomato paste, salt liver, vegetable oil, a variety of spices and herbs, onions, garlic, raisins, vinegar and Madeira.
This sauce is used for fish, meat and vegetable dishes, widely used for oriental dishes, it added to the red sauce culinary production.
Boiled sturgeon and other fish and potatoes, canned cucumbers (gherkins), and hard-boiled eggs, cut into slices 2-2.5 cm, and a green salad - apart. Season with mayonnaise sauce, to taste add the sauce "Southern" and salt. All this put a slide in a salad bowl, garnish with lettuce leaves, salmon, cut into diamond-shaped strips of pressed caviar, mugs boiled egg, crab or crayfish and black olives (pitted).

Sterlet a steam 'Ring'
Fish 155, 100 broth, white wine 10, porcini mushrooms or champignons 30, lemon 1/10 pcs., 10 crabs, white sauce core 75, 8 lemon juice, butter 10, garnish 100, pepper and herbs.

With small starlet (400 grams) to clean off the bone plates located on the sides and on the belly, then the fish gut, remove viziga (dried spinal chord of cartilaginous fish), gills and wash thoroughly in cold water.
Processed fish sprinkle with salt and pepper on the inside and turn the ring, which at the caudal fin cut through flesh and paste in the nose section of the fish.
Starlet simmered in broth with white wine. Prepare fish to pass on to a dish, remove the bone from the back of bugs, put on fresh fish cooked mushrooms, crab.
The broth cook in half the volume, add to the broth of white sauce and bring to a boil, add the lemon juice, pepper, salt, butter and pour them fish. Cover with a slice of lemon and parsley.
Garnish - boiled potatoes.

Of course, ordinary citizens such delicacies were available.

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