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3 Reasons You Need to Jump on the Marketing Automation Platform

Even though marketing automation has proven to be very effective, it's still a fairly new technology. A lot of SMBs have yet to adopt marketing automation into their marketing strategies, and it's putting them at a significant disadvantage. Studies have shown that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation software.

If that isn't enough for you, here are three reasons you should invest into marketing automation:

1. Increased Productivity:

While marketing automation does have a somewhat time-consuming initial setup, once you get past it your work efficiency will skyrocket. This is because marketing automation will automate most time consuming tasks, freeing up your sales team to redirect their attention on more important tasks. This means your sales team has to spend less time pursuing exhaustive tasks such as cold calling and sending bulk e-mails to unqualified leads, and can instead devote more of their time to more qualified leads who are more likely to result in sales.

In a lot of cases, marketing automation will also allow you to pre-schedule important tasks such as social media postings, drip e-mail campaigns and content downloads on your website. This leads to much more cohesive and coordinated execution of your marketing plan, as well as tighter marketing and sales process.

2. Enhanced information:

In marketing, information is king, and that's an undeniable fact. The perfect, most ideal sales process would be a custom tailored message for the right target audience, using the right medium, at the right time, and offering the right solution to their problems. This perfect process that all marketers aim to achieve is only possible through one commodity - information. Marketing automation allows SMBs to collect a staggering amount of real-time data automatically. If you would even suggest that this were possible just half a decade ago, you would have been regarded with a healthy amount of skepticism, yet now, with more and more companies adopting marketing automation, it's quickly becoming the norm.

Use marketing automation along with inbound marketing tactics and collect data to plan your workflows and set up automated tasks. Implement lead scoring that automatically rates and ranks your leads based on pre-determined actions, to figure out which leads you should prioritize.

Integrate these tactics into your marketing plans to accurately segment and target specific contacts based on their behaviors and interactions.

3. Improved ROI:

Marketing automation will allow you to increase your ROI. Automation through the ages has only improved tasks and activities and made them more efficient once they have been properly automated, marketing automation is not exclusive to this rule. But note, we said improve ROI, not just increase. Remember, ROI is not only difficult to increase, but notoriously difficult to measure and track, and in our opinion, this is the part where most companies fail at.

Now, you can adequately track and measure winning performance metrics. The level of analysis that is inherent in most marketing automation software grants you an indepth view of the entire marketing and sales process, allowing you to meticulously track the tiniest details and determine the tiniest factors that can help you get larger sales.

Analytics apply to everything - from metric tracking, to e-mail opens and click-throughs, to website visits, to new subscriptions and leads, to information on digital campaigns and even eCommerce sales details. Use the data you obtain to optimize your marketing plans for the best possible ROI.

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