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Wild Goat And Roe Deer Dishes

I continue to digitize the book 'Cooking'. Today I will talk about the two recipes cooking of wild animals.

Perhaps such food might be available in some republics of the USSR, in fact where these animals live. Buy also something like it is unrealistic in the store. Well, the villagers is unlikely to use wine in cooking, wine was used probably just inside.

So here are two recipes, enjoy.

Wild goat roast
Meat 150, marinade 75, bacon 20, lard for frying 5, 100 garnish, sauce 75.

Aboral and renal portion of the carcass, as well as large chunks of the hind legs to clean up, put in the marinade and let stand for 2-3 days in a cold room.
Chunks of meat pour chilled marinade, making sure that the spices are evenly distributed. In the process of marinating the meat need to turn over several times.
For the marinade in a weak 1.5 2% vinegar, put salt, sugar, bay leaf, pepper and chopped vegetables; all this boil for 10-15 minutes over low heat and then cooled.
To 1 liter of vinegar put 20 g sugar, 20 grams of salt, 2 grams of bay leaf, peppercorns 1 g, 50 g onion, 50 g carrot, 25 g of parsley, 25 g celery.
To the meat of wild goats give greater juiciness and enrich it with the fat, then marinating it well cooled bacon, chopped into cubes 5-6 cm and a thickness of 0.5 cm.
The marinade vinegar can be replaced with dry white or red wine grape. Meat instead of marinating can be hung and stand in a cool, dry room for 3-4 days, and then clean up the well of the tendons.
Thus prepared meat, fry on a spit or in a pan with the fat in the ovens.
The finished meat is cut into chunks of 2-3 pieces per serving and pour strong meat juice. Serve with roasted potatoes in the form of straws, shavings or bars.
Separately, in a gravy boat to file blackcurrant sauce or pepper and vinegar.

Fillet of roe deer, stewed with wine and apples
Meat 200, 100 marinade, bacon 20, 10 lard, butter 5, roots and onions 15, 30 Antonovka apples, oranges 30, 15 wine, meat broth 75, garnish 150.

From back and kidney parts of carcasses of wild goat detach spine, rib chop off so that at the ends of the meat were no longer than 4 cm, rough cut the tendon and cut the meat into portions.
Sustain the wild goat meat in the marinade for 12-15 hours.
Before frying the meat removed from the marinade, pat dry with a towel. Lard and fry the bacon with melted bacon fat, add chopped carrots, parsley, celery and onions.
When the fillet surface crust is formed, fat drained, add the apples cut into slices (without seeds), oranges cut into slices (without skin and seeds), pour the Madeira or sherry and simmer for 30 minutes. To the sauce is burnt, you can pour a little broth.
The finished meat is removed, and in a bowl with vegetables and apples add as many good broth as needed for cooking gravy to the meat, boil, drain and rub through a sieve with vegetables and apples.
When applying fillets to put on a platter and pour the butter.
Garnish - green peas, green beans, cauliflower or brussel sprouts or other vegetable garnish. The sauce in a gravy boat submit separately.

Try this, it's like a time machine to fly. Stay tuned!


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