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Shchi Of White Cabbage

It so happened that I found in the attic of an old book on cooking.
It was the Soviet collection of recipes and tips on cooking, (curated by the Ministry of Food Industry of the USSR), which was published in the mid-1950s. The total circulation of the book amounted to more than a million copies.

I decided to digitize the book and make a blog on this topic.
Here are recipes for soups, cereals, meat dishes, appetizers, salads and more, as well as recipes of national dishes of the USSR.

For example here is a quote from an article about the culinary arts, check it out:
"Soviet cooking consists of generally accepted our meals; it is equally decorated cakes and Russian and Ukrainian borscht, and Uzbek pilaf, shish kebabs and the Georgian and Armenian dolma and Azerbaijan Petey, and many other excellent national dishes and snacks of all the peoples of our country.
Socialism does not imply leveling tastes
Only our enemies, slandering socialism, credited us the desire to bring everywhere and anywhere template, stencil, hamper, limit or even eliminate the development of individual to individual.
No, we Communists, for all-round development of broad individual tastes, abilities, creative abilities of every citizen of our society, and we have proved it throughout the practice of socialist construction in our country
Therefore, in such an important matter as the food of the people, it is our first duty to provide the necessary variety of food, the development of individual tastes and needs and their complete satisfaction."

And so, here is one of thousands of recipes.

160 Cabbage, turnip 15, 20 carrots, parsley 5, 20 onions, leeks 10, 45 tomatoes, flour 3, 10 table margarine, sour cream 10, bay leaf, pepper, herbs.

Root (turnip, carrot, parsley) and onion (onion and leek) cut into slices or cubes and fry along with the fat. Cabbage cut into checkers 2-3 cm, and an earlier (with the stalks) - slices of 5-6 cm.
Some late varieties white cabbage give unpleasant odor and bitter taste, such cabbage before laying immersed for 2-3 minutes in boiling water.
5-10 minutes before the end of cooking fill the soup strained white sauce, salt, spices (bay leaf, pepper), simmered tomato puree or tomatoes, sliced.
Shchi with fresh cabbage can be cooked without white sauce. Serve the soup with sour cream and herbs.
You can also cook the soup of savoy cabbage.

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