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Hanging Decorative Lights - Give Your Rooms A Relaxed Look And Feel

While planning out the decoration of your house, your mind will automatically think about the furnitures, the curtains, the cushions, showpieces and various other decorative elements. But what most people easily miss out on is the lighting. A proper lighting is the secret to creating a soft and soothing ambience. When you are out on a vacation or even for a simple dinner, pay attention to the lighting inside the rooms. You can actually see the look it adds to the space. Every single decorative light in the room spreads an illuminating glow that brings out the beauty of other elements. It also influences your moods. For example, a soft yellow light can help you relax and stay calm where as a strong and glaring white light can make you feel restless. This is the reason why spa salons and meditation rooms use soft lighting to create a relaxed and positive environment.

Decorative lightings are not necessarily one type of fixtures. They can vary in shapes, sizes and designs. Take a look at the following to know the types of these lights available online.

Types of Decorative Lights

Ceiling lamps - They come in many designs and colours. It can be a shaped like a flower, a rectangle or in a stylish geometrical figure. They are connected with handle wires which are suspended from the ceiling. They give the space a rare and creative look.

Lanterns - These can be the coloured paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling or the traditional looking glass-made ones which gives your house a timeless appeal.

Chandeliers - Chandeliers are the heavy and highly decorative lighting made of metal and glass, which is suspended from the ceiling using a heavy chain. They give a royal touch to your rooms.

Series Lights - They are a small string of lights that flicker and shine like the stars. They can be of different colours and can be hanged on the walls, on the doorways, from the ceiling or wrapped around trees.

Table Lamps - These are the lamps that have a special base to stand on. They are mostly placed on the side tables near your bed. But you can keep them on other tables in the living room or guest house.

Candles - Candle lights are mostly used for decoration during festivals. They come in stylish designs and various fragrances. If they are LED candles then you can place them in any corner, but if you need to light them, then ensure they are placed in safe areas.

Outdoor Lamps - These are the high power lamps that are fixed either on top of your main gates out in the driveway or on the boundary walls to light up your garden or lawn.

All these decorative lights can change the look and feel of your place. The lights used in these pieces are also low powered so that they don’t increase your power bill. You can find hundreds of designs and stylish decorative lights online. You can select the lights that go well with your interiors and place the order. So give a fresh look to your home by adding few decorative lights here and there.

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