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Study Chairs: Better Concentration With More Comfort

Comfort goes a long way in determining your child’s span of attention. Have you ever had those tough times getting your child to concentrate? I’m sure you have. Distraction and kids go hand in hand. A slight noise or the sight of something new is enough to send those little Einsteins away from their seats with the history text book on the floor. There are a lot of factors that play a role in improving your child’s concentration, like motivation, learning method and comfort. An uncomfortable seat will leave your child fidgeting and he is sure to get up at the slightest opportunity. So, encourage your child to study better with a comfortable table and study chair. The following are some of the things you need to look at when choosing a study chair.

The Height- Those little calves swinging from the chair may be cute to see, but it definitely is not comfortable for your child. So, if your child’s feet do not reach the floor, he is going to face problems with his shoulders as he will have to pull them up to sit upright. At the same time, a chair that is too low will lead to knee problems as your child will have to bend his knees on the low chair. Yes, the right height is one of the most important things the study chair has to have.

Another thing that you need to consider when looking at the height is the desk your child is going to use the chair with. A chair that is too low for the desk is going to cause a strain on your child’s shoulders whereas something that is too high will require him to hunch forward, leading to bad posture. The approximate distance between the desk and the seat of the chair should be seven to eight inches.

The Backrest- The right height is one that ends at your child’s shoulders.

The Arms- Writing is a part of a child’s life, and a chair with comfortable arms will definitely make your child’s life easier.

Strong Legs- You know how kids are. Give them a light chair and they are going to have fun rocking back and forth till they finally fall backwards. Select a heavy chair with strong legs to avoid this.

The Material- Wooden chairs are used in schools because they are economical. It is definitely not going to hurt to get your child a more comfortable chair for him to sit on. There is nothing like it if you can get a nice upholstered chair.

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You can have a look at the range of study chairs online from Ventura, Rekha and various other brands. Compare the prices and have a look at the different features before choosing a chair that is perfect for your child.


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