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CFl Or LED Bulbs: Which One Do I Need?

Small things can go a long way in making a house more comfortable. A grand TV unit, silk curtains and leather sofas may give you a feeling of luxury, but if your room lacks proper lighting, there is something you are missing. This is where bulbs play a role. Instead of adding tube lights to your large sitting room, fancy lights with bulbs can enhance the look of your house. When it comes to bulbs, there are two major choices that you have: LED or CFL. Which one is right for you depends on what you are looking for but here is a short list of the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you make a wise choice.

Benefits Of LED Bulbs
1. They last for a long time. LED light bulbs have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
2. They have a low power consumption of six to eight watts.
3. They are environment-friendly as they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
4. LED bulbs don’t get affected by high or low temperatures.
5. On/ Off cycling does not reduce their lifespan.
6. They don’t take time to turn on.
7. They don’t emit a lot of heat.
8. They are safer.

Drawbacks Of LED Bulbs
1. They are expensive
2. They are less bright compared with CFL bulbs

Benefits Of CFL Bulbs
1. They are cheaper than LED bulbs.
2. As these are smaller versions of incandescent bulbs, they are extremely bright.

Drawbacks Of CFL Bulbs
1. As they contain mercury, they can be dangerous and have to be handled with care.
2. They have a shorter lifespan. These bulbs last for an average of just 8000 hours.
3. CFL bulbs consume much more power than LED bulbs, with an average of 13-15 watts.
4. They are sensitive to humidity and low temperatures.
5. Switching them on and off quickly can reduce their lifespan.
6. CFL bulbs take time to turn off.
7. A lot of heat is emitted from CFL bulbs.
8. Unlike LED bulbs, CFL bulbs can catch fire with ease.

Which One Do I Need?
True, LED light bulbs may have more advantages than CFL bulbs, but the kind of bulb you need to go for depends on what your requirement is. Because of the fact that they are safe and don’t produce too much of heat, LED lights are great for homes. As they have different shades of white and yellow, they are ideal for reading, as you won’t have to put up with the harsh light of a CFL bulb. They are also ideal to use in the kitchen as the lights are not too strong, helping you cook comfortably. CFL bulbs, on the other hand, are a great way to light up corridors and other dark places.

Buy Bulbs Online
You can shop for bulbs online. Brands like Eveready, PowerCell and Bajaj have a range of LED bulbs online. You can also check out the many CFL bulbs from Philips, Wipro and Eveready. Compare the prices and features of different bulbs online and choose bulbs that you find convenient to have in your house.

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