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Knowing When To Change Your Brake Pads & Shoes

When it comes to bringing your car to a halt in a safe manner, the most important components are the brake pad & shoe on each wheel. These are also widely called brake linings and are responsible for slowing a car down through the use of hydraulic or mechanical force whenever the brake pedal is pressed.

Brake pads & shoes are developed and manufactured by a large number of firms across the world with leading brands being known for producing the best quality.

Regardless of which brand you go for, you will first need to know how to tell when it is time to change your brake pads & shoes. Not changing them early enough could compromise the safety of anyone including yourself that is travelling in your car.

The Difference Between a Brake Pad & Shoe

Brake pads & shoes are two completely different braking methods that are currently in use in the cars on our roads. Brake shoes are the older of the two methods that are rarely seen in the more modern cars that are in use on the roads whilst the brake pad method is what you will find in all the newer cars that are released.

The brake shoes are set inside a drum that is set inside each wheel on a vehicle and they push outwards to touch the drum of the wheel through hydraulic forces whenever the brake pedal is pressed.

Brake pads on the other hand are discs that are pressed against a brake caliper through hydraulics in order to slow a wheel down.

How to Tell When Either Needs Changing

There are a couple of very good indicators that the brake pad & shoe in each of your wheels may need changing and they should be changed as soon as possible for the purpose of safety.

Bad Noises – If you start to hear squealing, grinding, or whining sounds coming from your brakes whenever you press the pedal, there is a good chance that they are starting to wear a little thin.

Poor Traction – if you have experienced pressing your brakes in order to slow down your car and they do not stop you as effectively as usual, you will understand how frightening it can be. If you notice that your brakes are not giving you as good stopping performance as before, you should certainly get them changed.

If you notice any of the two problems above, you should have your brake pads & shoes checked out as soon as possible and replaced if deemed necessary. There is not only the safety of you and anyone else travelling with you in your car at stake but also all the safety of all other drivers on the road.


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