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Battling Depression And Crohn’S Disease

Crohn’s disease and its non-specific yet debilitating signs such as stomach pain, cramps, ulcers, lack of appetite, and weight loss are closely associated with non-gastrointestinal signs such as depression, anxiety, and prolonged stress. Though they are not related to one another in a direct and obvious manner, the link has been unveiled by several experts around the world. As we are aware of, the gastrointestinal signs of Crohn’s disease are quick to sap the patients’ physical energy. The constant loss of health and physical energy can take a toll on the emotional wellness of the patients, thus triggering constant and active conditions of depression, anxiety, stress, and anger. Though IBD-related depression can be related to several reasons, having a comprehensive understanding is the first and crucial step to deal with the disease effectively. Here are a few crucial facts that Crohn’s disease patients have to be aware of:
Acute conditions of Crohn’s disease can affect the mental and emotional wellbeing of the patients. The more chronic the disease condition, the more serious will be the level of depression and anxiety signs that CD patients have to battle with. This is because, as the condition of CD deteriorates, the results leave major negative impacts on the personal and professional lives of the patients. Adding to the woes is the most repeated words ‘no cure’ that are often associated with inflammatory bowel disease conditions. The magnitude of pessimism grows further with frequent relapses and discomforts. Thus prolonged disease conditions induce negativity, hopelessness, and helplessness that induce depression in no time.
The physical challenges are not easy to cope with, and can be often challenging and unpredictable. Constant threats of flare-ups can be extremely stressful.
In addition to the numerous disease conditions that are to be dealt with, CD patients have to make major lifestyle changes.

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