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For an Elegant Home - Elegant Coffee Tables

I’m always in for change, whether it is my style or how I decorate my house. I change my coffee table decor as often as I change my clothes. Not literally, but close enough. I swap table covers, add books, change magazines, fill it with fresh flowers, change the fresh flowers, add new vases, paint them, add new showpieces and remove them, you get the drift. So I thought it would be nice if I share some coffee table decoration ideas with you so that you can also make your living room go from drab to dab within minutes.

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Start with a Tray - The foundation to decorate any coffee table

Adding a simple and elegant tray to your chic coffee table can do wonders to the overall look of your house. Now you must be wondering which tray to add. It’s simple. Just follow your taste and a neat color palette. Consider your wall colors, curtains, carpets and your coffee table color as well and choose a wide tray in a color which blends with your home decor or maybe you can add a contrasting color for that never-before look. The choice is completely yours.

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Stack up Pretty Books

Walk up to a bookstore and buy some coffee table books with bright covers and bold lettering. They’re called coffee table books for a reason. And pile those pretty books on your coffee table and be surprised with how your simple coffee table looks after stacking up books.

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Candles, Candles, Candles Everywhere

Pretty tealight candles, strong-scented candles, bright and beautiful ones are all the perfect centre table decoration items. Try placing a huge scented candle with street plucked flowers on your table and watch the magical transformation. Simple and affordable, this style looks beautiful on all tables.

Look 4
A Statement Piece

A classy round center table in your spacious living room will do the trick without needing any decor. But what’s the harm in trying different styles. And if your table decor can reflect your luxurious taste, why not try your hand at experimenting. Just place a huge statement piece on your coffee table and watch your space go from mediocre to mesmerizing in minutes.

Look 5
Fresh Flowers
Your grandmother has tried it, your mother has tried it too and now it’s your turn. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Place them in an intricately designed vase and keep it on your center table and watch them add life to your space. Fresh, sweet and natural - this style is the best way to light up your space effortlessly.

Before you try these styles, make sure your coffee table is stylish enough. If not, you can always log into your favourite store and buy a trendy coffee table online. Once your center table is ready, you can start experimenting with its decoration.


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