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How Powerful Is The Ndyag Laser In Healing Our Skin?

Many people dream of having flawless and unblemished skin. The NdYAG Laser is a powerful toning laser capable of penetrating deep into the epidermis and removing pigmentation. The treatment destroys pigment while causing no harm to surrounding tissue. Melanin and black pigments in the dermal are targeted, absorbed and safely removed.

Adjustable Spot Size

NdYAG Laser handpieces are fitted with a Q-switch for adjusting the laser beam spot size. Treatments can be customized to a patient’s individual needs. The Q-switch allows light pulses to be produced that have an extremely high peak power. This type of laser control can be combined with mode-locking, another type that produces shorter wavelengths. The technique reduces pigments to particles that can be easily eliminated through our body’s lymphatic system.

How the NdYAG Laser Works

The NdYAG Laser is a solid-state laser that makes use of Yyttrium Aluminum Garnet as a host crystal. Added to this is nd3+, triply ionized Neodymium, which alters the consistency of the YAG and provides the laser activity in the crystal. The laser works by producing wavelengths of high energy light that can be focused on a particular skin condition and eliminate any diseased cells.

The Right Wavelength

The NdYAG Laser uses the 1064nm wavelength to deeply penetrate the dermal layer. Pigmented lesions like moles, melasma, and age spots can effectively be removed without harm being done to nearby tissues. The 532nm wavelength penetrates less deeply, and can be used to treat lesser pigmented areas of the skin, like freckles, age spots and other minor blemishes.

The Iris Beam of an NdYAG Laser

Specialized iris beams are available by some equipment providers for skin laser treatments. The super hive flat mode is a concentration of laser spot beams with a narrow distance between each beam. This mode provides an efficient way to destroy melanin pigments. The coverage provided by this type of iris beam is uniform.

Shock Resistant Arm

Advances in design have seen NdYAG laser technology become vital in medical applications. Requiring a high level of stability and shock resistance, components used in the making of this equipment must be of the highest quality, robust and mechanically sound. Being able to easily adjust the position of the arm and provide consistent and steady hold is critical. Creative thinking in improving each component has influenced the stability, shock resistance and adjustability of laser arms.

Effects of NdYAG Laser Treatments

A series of targeted treatments achieves the best results. One to four sessions is usual. There is a little pain, like the snapping of an elastic band against our skin, and commonly the laser has an in-built cooling system to reduce inflammation in the treated areas. Gentle care of the skin between each subsequent procedure, including protection from the sun, will help in the healing process. Through this powerful treatment process, it’s possible to completely remove pigmented areas, including tattoos.


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