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Menstrual Cup - Economical and Convenient for Usage

There are many products in the market to make life comfortable for women during their menstruation cycle. Though many women generally use tampons and pads during the period times they can also check out for the best alternative menstrual cup that offers great comfort and can be reused for a long time. The menstrual cup is used internally that can be inserted through the vagina to catch the menstrual fluid. This is simple and safe to use as the cup once inserted can stay up to 12 hours with a holding capacity of 25 ml to 35 ml fluid before emptying and reused again. There are no more troubles like disposing the pads or tampons, but can just be emptied into the lavatory, washed and can be reused again. This is also very economical as you need not buy each and every time as the menstrual cup, which comes as a 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone can be used up to 15 years.

By using the menstrual cup you can avoid rashes, infections or allergies caused by pads or tampons and they are quite ecofriendly as they can be reused again and again. The sterilizing menstrual cup can also be bought along with the menstrual cup to sterilize it in the microwave oven. You can fill the sterilizing cup with water and place the menstrual cup dipped in the water to place in the microwave oven. There are different sizes in these menstrual cups suitable for different stages in a women’s life as the menstrual flow also varies depending on the age. So for comfort and convenience you can check out for the menstrual cup that gives you the confidence to attend work or any social meetings without worrying about your periods.

However, those who prefer sanitary pads or tampons can also check out for the scented hygiene bags which can be effectively used to dispose the used sanitary pads and tampons without catching attention. These can be stored in purses and can be used as and when required. Many women also commonly face cramps during menstruation. However, by using the instant hand warmer bags they can immediately get relief from the cramps. These warmer bags are portable and by just flexing the metal chip on them the gel inside the bag gets warmer and the bags can be instantly applied to sooth your cramps. There are also stain free panties and first period kits available in the market to make the woman’s life comfortable during their menstrual cycle or experiencing first time periods.

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