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Freway Hybrid Bke: Core Components And Theirs Application Contexts

As a tool for transport, the ebike has benefited from the talented designers and the high-developing tech that is bringing pleasure and good experiences to our daily life. But for our amateur, we have no clear cognition of every core component in the bike as well as theirs application. Knowing the details could get ready for your cycling and help you acknowledge the professional knowledge.

Colorful display (wristband):
Freway screen is the electronic products that can calculate the dump energy and operate the assistant system. There are also information about temperature. The Freway 2th generation will launch the smaller and smarter wristband, it replaces the display screen and was designed for the Freway APP, it shows the speed, calories. pedal frequency. While the wheels moving, the inductor traces the information from the induced magnet and deliver to the wristband, usually, the data we see is the result after processing.

Bicycle derailleur works like this: it does the cooperation between chain and gear plate to change the bike speed. The size of the two plates decides how much strength you will cost. The smaller for before plate and the bigger for later plate, the less strength you will spend. Freway provide three-level assistant. people can adjust the working condition of the gear plate to change the cycling speed, with the need of different road condition.

freewheel is a device in a transmission that disengages the driveshaft from the driven shaft when the driven shaft rotates faster than the driveshaft. An overdrive is sometimes mistakenly called a freewheel, but is otherwise unrelated. Freway have the shimano 9-speed, the quality can be assured.

Battery pack
The battery is the core part of the bike, the high-performance battery can give the bike The battery pack contains 20 battery cells, in consideration of the different performance ,the recharge time varies in levels. Freway develops the DLB technology, it can ensure every cell full charging in the same time. the special designed pack have the ability to supply lighting and alarm when it is needed. and this function makes the electric bike more humanization and well suit for the out-door activities or camping enthusiasts.


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