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What Does It Take To Improve Your Field Hockey Skills

Now that you have bought your composite stick, and plan to play
and stay with field hockey sport, you may want to start
improving your skill. It may take you sometime before you master
and improve your hockey skills but it all begins by making the
decision. Persistence and learning will equip you with the much
needed skill and knowledge as well as tactics and strategies you
need to play the game.

In a field hockey game, you will need to understand the
different positions you can take. From forward, defense, mid-
field, to the goalie position, you may want to know much about
them. In case you are new in the game, it would be good to get a
feel of the different positions before you can decide on which
ones you can play.

In players who have previously taken the different positions in
other games, they may be able to transfer the skill. For
instance, if you have in the past played softball, you could use
the wrist snap you apply in that game to hit the ball in hockey
game. People who have played soccer before can transfer the
skill of positioning and strategy to field hockey since they
tend to be similar.

You also need to ensure you watch the game as much as possible.
In order to understand the position, ensure you watch how
players are doing it. You may take part in live game watching or
search for videos that offer the same. There are websites that
provide training videos for field hockey players. These websites
are mainly run by coaches and players who have in-depth
knowledge on the game.

When watching the game or videos, pay attention to players who
are participating in your position. You may want to focus on
where, how, and when moves are made. Look at where a player
moves when they don’t possess the ball and how they position
themselves to receive passes.

It is true that the more you watch players play, the better you
understand this game. Don’t forget to develop your stick skills.
The hockey stick is your weapon and when coupled with skill and
strength or speed, you are in a good position to register
impressive results.

Stick skills involve anything that pertains to handling,
pushing, and maneuvering the ball using the stick. Things like
dribbling, tackling, dodging, hitting, and stopping ball are key
in stick skills. For example, in aerial dribbling, you will need
to develop hand-eye coordination. This will help you practice
how to get the stick in line with ball.

You may want to hold the stick in a basic grip where the right
hand is positioned at base of grip and the left hand rests on
top. Ensure you hold the stick in front and perpendicular to
body while the flat side faces the sky. By placing the ball on
stick while it is completely parallel to ground and in the air,
you can now continuously tap your ball into air using the flat
side of the stick.

It is crucial that you identify resources or websites that can
help you improve your hockey skills. There are many of them, but
what you want to ensure it that you register with a site that is
operated by coaches and players.


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