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Opendns Parental Controls – For Safe Browsing

Most of us these days own multiple devices with internet access in our homes like desktop, laptop, tablet PC, mobile phones, gaming consoles and television sets. When there is wi-fi connection to connect all these devices in your home, it is highly important that you should ensure complete protection to each of your device, such that attackers and hackers cannot get access to a single device, through which they can hack your entire network.

Protection to your child:

Generally, hackers attack your network only through your child’s system as the child will not be aware of the safe sites to visit and they cannot differential safe and suitable sites and unsafe ones. So, it is highly important that not just for protecting your network connection, but also to protect your kid from getting access to inappropriate sites, you should use an wi-fi router with complete parental control feature.

Features to look for in Wi-Fi router:

When you are planning to buy such a router to make your home a wi-fi hotspot, you will have to look for the following features:

Updated Web filtering

More number of categories under which web filtering is done

Browsing only to white-listed sites

Filtering policy for each device used for internet access in your home

Control over internet access time, which should be applicable for Facebook and YouTube.

Parental control and here you can go for the one with Opendns parental controls as this model has good reviews and ratings among parents.

Ability to manage cloud storage through mobile

Control over IP like offered by Opendnd parental control IP.

When you are looking for Opendns parental control IP, you can make sure that each and every device that accesses Wi-Fi in your house will have this feature, such that your child can be protected from visiting inappropriate sites.

In addition, the router should offer customizable filter and security, such that you can use it as per your individual requirement. In addition, you should be able to retain the past history of internet sites visited recently or even in the past year. This should be possible in each device used for web access. In addition, it should offer you built-in protection from frauds and phishing attacks.

So, Opendns parental controls can bring you the above-mentioned features to provide a safe web browsing experience for each and every device connected to wi-fi in your house. Enjoy safe and unlimited internet access with Opendns parental control IP.

Do you want to block inappropriate and dangerous sites? Then you are at perfect place. Blocksi provides opendns parental control router, which control children's internet activities and restrict some certain sites. For more details about internet filtering routers, please do visit us online @

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