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5 Things You Should Consider Before Opening A Sex Toy Shop In Australia

5 Things you should consider before Opening a Sex Toy shop in Australia
Are you thinking of opening a sex toy shop in Australia? There are some things you should consider first before making the leap. First of all, this industry is tough and not meant for everyone. You just don’t wake up one day, draw some sketches and decide you are going to set up a sex toy store—hold your horses there, big guy. Listed below are some aspects you should consider first.
1.Your views, sexually speaking
Are you edgy when it comes to anything relating to sex? If you are this type of person, you should probably start thinking of investing in another line of business. A vast range of sexual knowledge is another must have skill. This skill comes in handy if you want to open a sex toy store—customers throw explicit sexual questions left right and center. Good communication skill is an added advantage.

2.Understand how the laws and regulations apply
Since sex toy shops are categorized as part of sex the industry, they are regulated by the law. In Australia, sex toys shops are regulated by state laws. And these laws and regulations vary from one state to another. Hence, to be on the right side of the law, find out the dos and don’ts first.
It’s also important to note that establishing a retail sex toy business in Australia is a little harder than an online channel of business.

3.Get practical advice from experts in the field
Asking for advice or guidance is not a sign of weakness as some people claim. You might opt to use a consultancy firm specializing in the industry for advice and direction to be able to make informed decisions. Or pay the owners of established stores a visit.

4.Do a thorough research on products and distributors
It’s only logical to do a thorough research on potential distributors. It’s also equally important to find out the most popular sex toys among Australians. How customers feel about various sex toy brands is another aspect you should definitely look into.
And make a point of attending sex shows like Sexpo to learn more about the industry.

5.The business channel to use
Are you considering the online or retail business channel? If you are undecided, weigh pros and cons of each sales channel and settle for the one that doesn’t overstretch your resources. You can as well have both online and offline storefronts.
However, if you settle for a retail shop, choose a location that’s appropriate, a little discreet but still convenient to customers. It doesn’t make any sense opening a sex toy store near a local Australian church community now, does it?
For an online store, your warehouse should be conveniently located and as close to customers as possible.

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