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The Different Types of Wheelchair Lifts

Choosing the right type of wheelchair lifts for your vehicle can be a tough job, especially when you are clueless as to what, where, why or how you will use the device. It can take years of knowledge before you can finally have a thorough understanding of each type, like the mobility situation, vehicle and wheelchair.

To fully understand which type of vehicle wheelchair carrier you need to purchase, it is best to have an insight as to the different types and help you further to understand each type's purpose.

Inside Lifts and Hoists

If you wish to have a more compact, more cost-effective mobility answer but very difficult to operate, then inside lifts are for you. These are mounted inside the vehicle's cargo storage with a much complicated way of moving - swinging outward to lift and load mobility scooters or wheelchairs. Due to it's compact system, it is best suitable for smaller SUVs where having a limited space will not be an issue.

Limitations include difficulty in using, wherein certain levels of balance, strength and dexterity is needed before it can become functional. It is less user-friendly as compared to other lifts that can get their jobs done by a simple push of a button.

Outside Lifts

This type of lift is secured to the outside of a vehicle, usually through the use of a hitch receiver so that the scooter or wheelchair can be easily carried and transferred from one place to another.

These lifts are popular because they require no specific vehicles to use and does not take any inside storage or space at all. Furthermore, the mobility device can be transferred from one vehicle to the next without any fuss and hassle.

Advantages of the outside lifts include flexibility to use and can be operated by one person provided he can stand two to three minutes while lift is being positioned. The use of tie-down straps and covers may seem as a limitation but it is just added protection and security to the mobility device while being transported.

Hybrid Lifts

This type of mobility carrier is required to be mounted in the cargo space of the vehicles, requiring the use of an SUV or van as space is required to store the entire lift inside the vehicle. However, what makes this type truly convenient to use is its drive-on platform, similar to what the vehicle has outside. This can make any patient to wheel or drive themselves to the lift then the mechanical lift will do the rest.

Advantage of the hybrid lift is it can store the mobility device entirely inside the car, making the transport easy and secured. Furthermore, it can be easily operated and may require as little assistance as needed.

However, even though the device is already inside the vehicle, it is still required to be strapped in, just like what happens to the device in an outside lift.

Acquiring and purchasing the right carrier might be hard if you are a first time buyer. Just remember all the types and their advantages and limitations and it's going to be a smooth ride towards the right decision in the end.

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