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Samsung and its Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solution

The world has gone mobile and so is the work place. Now, employees work 6 to 7 hours at office on mobile phones rather than on computers. This increasing use of mobiles at offices for official purposes has increased the risk for businesses.

The use of mobiles and portable devices may have many advantages to the business. Using mobiles for work increases the flexibility. You can stay connected to your clients and colleagues and can work even when you are not at the office.

Mobiles increase the ability to multitask. Mixing meetings and appointments with clients and colleagues becomes easier as you carry your appointment diary with you everywhere.

But, all this advantage comes along with risks such as the risk of leaking sensitive documents, etc. Securing your business from these risks is the first priority. That's where enterprise mobility management solutions come into play.


Enterprise Mobility Solution is a technology which manages the mobiles, portable devices, and the wireless networks that are used for official purposes. This solution helps the enterprise to eliminate the security threats produced by using smartphones and other wireless devices for professional uses.


Samsung KNOX is an enterprise mobility solution that provides wireless device protection, management and development options. It offers enhanced mobile security for your work as well as personal data in your mobile device.

You get protection from business risks such as security from leakage of sensitive official documents, etc. It provides full separation of work and personal data on the mobile devices.

The security features of the Samsung Knox offer the best business security. One touch can switch your mobile device from personal to work and vice versa. It doesn’t take any time, delay or reboot, wait time, the process is quick. The software is fully compatible with Android and Google.

Everyone wants to keep their professional documents safe and secure. With the Samsung KNOX, you can have full control of your mobile device at work as well as at home. The Samsung Knox secures your mobile device without any involvement of any IT experts. It secures your work email and other important data like reports and files, etc.


Since, the use of portable devices and mobiles are not going to reduce and will keep on increasing in the coming time, enterprise mobility is one of the fastest growing areas of IT. The Enterprise Mobility Solutions are becoming more advanced and sophisticated to meet the growing expectations of the user and to beat the security threats.


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