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First Period Kit – Help Your Daughter Get Ready

Most of the women, probably remember, where and when they got their first period. Even, most of them think that it would have been better, if they were more prepared for that first occasion in their lives. If your daughter is approaching this age, you might be thinking, how to prepare her, without embarrassing her and you. This is the right time to prepare an action plan, so that both of you can get ready. Here are some tips to help you out as a caring mother:

Confront her concerns:

When you explain about periods for the first time to your little daughter, the first thing that would be hitting her mind is that she would be wondering what her period will feel like and how long will it last. She might also be worrying how to take care of herself every month. The first thing you will have to clear her is that she can ask questions without any hesitation and you are here to help her out.

Start with the fundamentals:

You can just start with the fundamentals and explain her that the first few periods will be light and also she might not get regular periods initially. Also, tell her that the blood might be brown, red or even blackish and if you are introducing her pads, tell her that she should be changing the pads every 4-6 months.

Period kit can come handy:

Nowadays, girls are lucky enough to get first period kit. As the mom of a young girl, you are also lucky enough to place order for such a kit over the internet. Also, kits with attractive appearance can be purchased online and the kit itself will create an interest in your little girl to find what is inside. The great thing here is that the best first period kit will come with the following essentials:

Booklet to give her the required information about the first period. Even, this booklet will have some question and answers that will help her to face the situation with confidence.

The kit will have beautiful pouch with a girly appearance for storing pads, wipes, a heating pad and also 2 scented small bags for disposing used pads or stained panties.

Also, when you get the best kit, you can recommend your little girl to easily carry it to her school in her bag without any embarrassment.

Nowadays, there are also period panties and other essentials to help little girls. Period panties that are stain free can be a great gift to her.

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