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At the Heart of the Community: Michel and Steven Euesden 'We Lead, Others Follow'

MICHEL and Steven Euesden have got where they are by sheer hard work and a set of values that look back to an older, more caring age. For them owning the Euro Weekly News Media Group (EWN) is not just about business, it is something that they deeply care about. That is something which is reflected in not just the way they go about business, but by their determination to make sure the EWN is placed very firmly at the heart of the community. That strong sense of community values is at the core of the EWN, no other English newspaper group in Spain gets so close to the expat population. Some have made the attempt, after all where we lead others follow, but no one can quite manage it.

The reason? Because the sort of commitment Michel and Steven Euesden show to their readers and clients cannot be faked. That is a commitment shown by all the staff, from the top down. Operations Director Nicki Burgess epitomises that with her tremendous work ethic allied with values she shares with Steven and Michel. It is the set of values they brought with them from their solidly working class backgrounds that has made the difference to turn the EWN into the biggest free English language newspaper group not just in Spain, but all of continental Europe.

Michel explained: "There was no hiding place in my family. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in. But it wasn't just us, everyone around us was just the same. There was a real sense of community where we grew up. I may be working class girl from Rochdale, and Steven may be from Kent, but we share those values. They were instilled in to us from a very young age. Everyone knew each other and looked out for each other.

"That is something that is sadly seeming to slip away in today's internet age. But we thought why not try to bring something of those values to the expat community on the Spanish Costas? Maybe if we were to make a stand then some of the wonderful people who have made Spain their home would be inspired by the message. Maybe, just maybe, 'where we lead others follow' could be a motto that became self fulfilling."

To that end the duo have been tireless in supporting all sorts of charities, big and small, that make a real difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

"While we support some of the Costas' biggest charitable events, it is important to us that the EWN group helps individuals as well. In Spain it can be very difficult for people who are less fortunate than us. When we have a hard day at the office and think we have troubles, it is humbling to think of those at the heart of our community who have real problems, for many it really is a matter of life and death. That puts things into perspective. Our problems are not real problems at all. Brave children like Tomas Leighton who just get on with life despite being desperately ill are the ones with real problems. All we can do is take the lead and hope others follow."

It is a commitment like that which puts the Euesdens - and the EWN Media Group - at the heart of the community.


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