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E-Mail Marketing And Law Enforcement For Use Inbound Marketing

When a company seeks the services of an online marketing consultancy, professional establish an online marketing strategy designed to reach its maximum publicity among potential customers.

It is usual that an audit is done to see what online email marketing services technique is most appropriate in each case, although in recent times is very common recommend inbound marketing strategy. The inbound marketing is one of the most modern in the field of online marketing concepts. Its importance is such that it goes beyond the application of a technique and becomes a philosophy that determines the development of online advertising in each company.

The main objective of inbound marketing is to increase visits a website or blog and to this end, based on the timing of its pillars:

1. Coordination of various online techniques to achieve increase web traffic from blogs to SEO, through social media and content marketing.

2. The use of processes that allow web traffic becomes part of the database of the company. Only with details of potential customers inbound marketing can be really effective.

3. Application of lead scoring and lead nurturing to know the extent to which potential customers are about to complete the purchase and bring them closer to it in the best way possible.

4. The customer loyalty through satisfaction guarantee and provide all the information necessary for them to become brand specifiers online.

In short, the Inbound marketing companies guarantees a direct channel of communication with potential users, in order to get them to establish contact and take the first step to converting to purchase.

All that move through the world of social media and digital marketing, claim that the use of email is still one of the most effective methods with the highest conversions to conduct advertising campaigns. But, the mailing has its secrets and rules to avoid losing all its potential and end up becoming mere spam, besides breaking the law.

Let me start by saying that we have two reference laws that apply to this matter; The Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) and the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI). The first forces us to consider the data we collect to make sending emails, are personal in nature and have an obligation to inform the Spanish Data Protection Agency, using a form provided to us on their own web, we are creating files or databases. In addition, we will meet another set of obligations, as duly inform any user or customer to provide us with your data, these will be stored and processed plus we state explicitly accepting that one of the purposes will refer them mails about products and services related to our business. That is, we must inform you that we keep your data and what we will. Compliance with this Act and its implementing regulation has enough complexity to ask seek professional advice in this respect. It will be an investment that we would like to thank very much, since the penalties for breaches are of a severity and amount not ignore.

Regarding the LSSI can say that basically affects us Articles 19-22 in which the requirements to be met by any commercial or promotional communications electronically develop. Law warns that sending mails that have not been expressly requested or authorized by the recipient is strictly prohibited. Therefore, here we should be very clear, forget buying the base of email, trusting little serious companies that make us a mailing campaign or "look for life online" to get e-mail addresses to which to send our offers and advertising.That's spam !.

So if I want to use legally effective and powerful email marketing tool, what I have to do?

Well, there are the basic requirements that must be met to make things right, at least from a legal standpoint.

Those who are part of our database legally obtained shall only refer to, I mean it, those email addresses that have voluntarily provided us with their recipients within a business or professional relationship with them, because they have sold a product or a service previously. But the offer or promotion is to be products or services similar to those that once they acquired. No serves using a database that I have from when I used a real estate business for now I have put a business selling used cars.
Also, the email addresses provided to us through any subscription file, request for information, participation in a contest or campaign on social networks, free download material from our website etc, etc. But do not forget that we should warn them when they provided their personal data that could store and deal with advertising and commercial purposes.

You should always, given in the same commercial mail email address where simple, free way to be sent can proceed to terminate the subscription, not going to receive any more mail from us. It is important to ensure that this system of low functioning properly, because if returns to receive our emails advertising or promotional could seriously angry and go to denounce the AEPD and there, we would be in serious trouble.
In conclusion, would say to me that in this case the legislator has put some sanity in this whole business communications electronically, since before such action is taken, surely remember the tray entrance to our email accounts was a nightmare with all the junk or spam, collapsing and made us lose a lot of time.

Also for advertisers, companies and professionals was less effective, since most of the time all the effort in design and advertising creativity ended in the trash and spam. So now the world of email marketing services is hitting hard and is positioned as the main tool of online marketing, the effectiveness of campaigns deals and promotions targeted to the audience that really has requested and is interested in receiving and read . I would say that this itself is a case where compliance with the law and the interests of the digital economy have known understood and supplemented.

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