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Watch Out How To Sell Digital Downloads With A Membership Site

Membership sites have increased significantly in recent years. The advantage that many are seeing is that they have a great chance of income for the owner and a great value for users. Even the New York Times is going to add to this trend.One of the questions my clients who consult me on all those who are just beginning in this world now, is how to deliver online courses and products.

I'm so used to the membership, which leaves me without thinking and no qualms that most relates that word automatically with a system of monthly or annual fee and therefore deliveries and endless work.

As I mentioned in previous articles, create a membership site is ideal for delivery of your course or product information, and does not necessarily imply the continuous creation of material (you can create this type of site too, but I usually mean membership software that allows you to deliver your content once or along certain time, but rather in the form of course).
Then, once clarified the term and decided that this type of platform is right for your coaching or mentoring program, there are some scales to meet to achieve goals. First, you need an audience or market. Choose and know FOR WHOM're creating this site in the first place is key to achieving economic return in the short and long term. Second, you need a plan. This plan does not have to be complicated, but you know what results you expect from your membership site is to start with the right foot and is almost halfway there. Begin with the end in mind is the advice of any expert. And then there is the third key, you need the right people to successfully implement your membership tools.

But let's see more about these aspects:

1.Audience: It is the group of people with whom you communicate at some point. In our particular case of membership is the people who follow you and is willing to money (or not, also you can have a free level in exchange for valuable email addresses) in exchange for your knowledge or material.

So the first step is knowing that audience: Who that customer? Do you prefer audios, videos or reading material? How long you want to spend? What a week? A month? It is essential that you know your preferences before embarking on building membership and create and add content, will save you headaches, time and money.

Take a moment to visualize your membership online.You have to sell digital downloads and Surely you were or are a member of another or a couple of them. What do you like best? What is your least favorite?

List the features that you would like your site to have based on the above questions ... ask your art virtual assistant doubts you have, the options for improving the parts you do not like other sites, add those that do want ... It would ideal that could draw the distribution or "blueprint" of how you expect to be your site, how consider yourself to be the best way to share your content with members in your membership.

Share these notes and ideas with your VA or programmer to work on the perfect solution.


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